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  1. If you sign up for the latest Sophos Home Beta you get the benefits from HitmanPro and Sophos Clean for free - if you are worried about ransomware etc.
  2. I still think that the NAS builds will be dealt with in the near future but are still having problems thus not being updated right now.
  3. Yes, exactly. I was not sure what option you meant. So for the My Devices you can remove a device by going TO this device and unlinking it. What you can't do is unlink other devices from one device. Say you can't delete Device B by accessing the My Devices setting on device A. You have to do it on device B.
  4. Also another difference other than the ones stated in the KB article is in CPU usage. Standard folders tend to use less CPU than advanced folders. I personally use Advanced folders since they got announced.
  5. You can go into your advanced settings and set the peer expiration date to 0 and then restart sync and set it back to 7. The device should be removed from the peers list.
  6. @ellw I wouldn't bet on that. I spun up a fresh Windows Server 2012 machine and installed Sync Business on it. Upon starting Sync the first time I got the same error as the OP. Meaning that this error is not an error with a current license. I was able to just click the X in the top right corner and Sync continued to work for me. When I then went into the Settings Panel in Resilio Sync -> License it just stated that my trial will end in 14 days. So my guess is that the Sync team wants to highlight the need for a different license. I find the wording quite confusing. Ok so there seems to be a bug in Sync when you try to use the 14 day trial. You can't sync any data until you apply a proper license - I just tested it with testing license. Actually it's not a bug. It is intended like that. Also I have already reported it to the team. Maybe one of them will be posting something sometime next week. But my initial statement is still correct: you need a Business license to get Sync to work on a Windows Server. You can however install the Home Use version of Sync. That will also work. But that would probably violate the EULA and TOS so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. You probably need a Sync for Business License:
  8. What you always can do is create a manuel config by looking what you have set up in the GUI and then relect those settings in the configuration file.
  9. Sync always tries to only move the changes parts of a file. But if the file is smaller than the default value the whole file gets resynct IIRC I know this has been discussed here several times. Maybe search in the forums for a definite answer.
  10. What you can do is pause an individual share from syncing - all other shares are unaffected by this. Right click on a share and it should give you a paus functionality.
  11. Did you set up sync via configuration file? if yes you need to specify this setting there. Please go to and search for "configuration" you will find an article highlighting what you need to put in your configuration.
  12. Are any other peers online where it can be synced to? What happens when you rename the file, like add a character to the end of it?
  13. Yes you need those databses + the rest. Definitely don't delete those files.
  14. @firminmaillardHold on: what .sync folder are you talking about? The .sync folder in a share folder or the .sync folder for your configuration files, databases ,log files etc? I wouldn't delete the databases if I were you ^^ log files and journal files you can delete. In fact you can turn that off in the settings.
  15. Depends. If it is a Advanced folder you as the Owner of that share can do that. If it's a standard folder you have to change the sync secret.
  16. Well this can, depending on your setup, result in the same outcome: you have to re-share all folders and have it re-indexed. But Helens's version is probably less intrusive.
  17. @hwenzel Since it is easter and some folks are not working during those times you gotta wait a bit before someone from support replies I really encourage you to go to and check out some guides there.
  18. @JoshuaTree Check out this:
  19. This is strange. Maybe this is due to an error writing the identiy? Make sure that the user you are running sync as has access to write to disk. Also if you haven't, read this:
  20. Sync most defenitely prompted you to enter a Username. On linux there are two prompts; one for admin GUI access (username and password that can be skipped though) and then there is the one for your Sync "ID" (username and fingerprint for identification). I don't have an android phone but as far as I understand it, you sync data to your SD card, right? So the data is already on your phone. Even in a fully functional Sync setup you can remove a share on your android phone, so that the data is still on the SD card and then later add the excat share again pointing to the directory it was before. Then it is re-indexing all files and folders and checks with other peers online if there has been a change. This definitely works on Windows, macOS and Linux. iOS has a a different storage management than Android so for that username change on iOS you most certainly have to redownload everything to your phone. Android should be easier on this it feels like.
  21. Did you install resilio sync as a windwos service? Try to open your browser and go to
  22. You can't change the username. For that to have to reinstall Sync completely. This does not mean that you have to transfer all data again; it just needs to be re-indexed on each peer you reinstall. If you just want to rename the PC of a user you can most certainly go into the Resilio Sync GUI on that computer and then change the name there.
  23. Well this is weird. @Helen do you have an idea what this could be?