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  1. If you get into the office and your file has not been fully synced it would just be starting to sync as you connect to the internet again. I don't see the point in having a "cache" or more like a "incomplete" folder. Are you experiencing these issues a lot that BitTorrent Sync GUI says it's done syncing and the actual file is not being present in said share? Maybe a debug log sent to the devs could help fix an issue if there is one. The rest sounds very like specific requests. The only way I can think of that this would make it in BitTorrent Sync is when running with an API key in a config file. Normal user GUI mode - I am not so sure about that.
  2. Yes I agree. Since it allows you to selectively sync files it is not like I have a root folder that contains folder x y z and three peers. Peer 1 can have access to folder x and the rest can have access to y and z but not x. That'd be selective for me. Like I mentioned in a couple posts already ( & )
  3. Sorry I was terribly tired last night and just skimmed the board...
  4. Wait.. is that a total of peers per BitTorrent Sync instance or per Share in once running instance?
  5. Remove the share from btsync and add it again. That should trigger the indexing.
  6. All of these have the same btsync version running? Have you tried re-indexing the share on pdsserver2?
  7. Aha! That's a complete different story lel
  8. If you want to pause BTSync completely why don't you write yourself a script that stops btsync, sleeps for x amount of seconds on user input basis and then starts it again? i don't think this is a feature that would make it in the application.
  9. 1.) No the indexing of files does not interfere with the config file that should be fine. 2.) It depends. Is the server at home and the webgui only accessable in your home network?
  10. Open up the Terminal Application by searching it in Spotlight and then enter this command sudo kill -9 `ps aux | grep BitTorrent | awk '{print $2}'`This will exit all zombie processes of BitTorrent Sync. You can verify this by first running this ps aux | grep BitTorrentWhich gives you something like moe 7093 4.5 2.3 3799924 94968 ?? R 10:57PM 0:03.19 /Applications/BitTorrent SyncIf you enter the kill command above and run ps aux | grep BitTorrent command again you only will see the grep process moe 7119 0.0 0.0 2432772 536 s000 S+ 10:59PM 0:00.00 grep BitTorrent+ you will see something like kill: <high number>: No such processThis is ok and you don't have to worry about. Please give feedback if it worked for you.
  11. It will talk to the relay. Have you tried it already? That will probably answer your question better than us specualting about it IMO
  12. Maybe try to run the btsync.exe in an elevated command prompt?
  13. You have to fully uninstall all old versions of BitTorrent Sync, like it says in the readme in thick red letters ;-). Then you can grab a tar file and extract it and run BitTorrent Sync. Basically: Please read the Readme File
  14. How did you install the 1.x version? And don't forget you have to fully uninstall all other btsync instances on that NAS!
  15. That is not how it works when you have peers that are read only. They only can be served with data by read-write instances.
  16. The .bts file is just a placeholder for the actual file. If you delete the actual file a placeholder with the exact same name + .bts as the extention is placed and is ~ 100 - 200kb in file size. Or if you mean something else, can you maybe try to explain it a bit more? See
  17. You can built your own version by using the API. There is lots of docs and threads helping you do a thing like that.
  18. Moe

    Window Cli

    On OS X you just call the binary with your arguments and then you have a running btsync instance. Same goes for Linux. For Windows I bet it is exactly the same - you don't have to "install" it.
  19. No it is not a built in function but I know that there is a thread in Feature Request regarding the same topic.. you might want to search for that and share your thoughts there.
  20. True. Although I feel like syncing to a non empty folder, basically merging them and not syncing doublicate files, is something that should be possible.
  21. You can find information on that in the Developer subforums here and here And to answer your question: no and yes. No you can't add a share to a BitTorrent Sync Sync instance running in GUI mode via the command line. There is a way to add shares to a BitTorrent Sync instance but that means you have to run BitTorrent Sync in non gui mode and have all the shares in a configuration file typed out or add a share via a link pointing to your local running BitTorrent Sync instance. You can find out about these ways in the documentation or in the Developer forums.
  22. No there is no limit in file size. No there is no limit in how many folders you have or subfolders in them. No there is no limit on how many files you have in a folder. No 2.0 won't limit you on how many files you will be able to sync. Yes everything will be synced in a share not just the root of the share but also every subfolder. The only limitation is your hard drive space on both clients to sync everything you want. You can find more about the BitTorrent Sync 2.0 features on the forums here
  23. Maybe he has a server and is teaming the NICs? But it is very unclear what he really wants - I don't think it has something to do with routers or modems.