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  1. Yeah if you saw my posts above thats exactly what I was stating. Please go over to the "wish list" thread and pour it out there Oh and there ya go and if the link above is offline here is just all the files downloaded and mirrored over at MEGA [link removed] And if the Staff doesn't like me mirroring old software please contact me
  2. So. As I mentioned in the 1.3 Thread here are my requests for a feature that should be re-implemented and one that should be implemented in the future. As stated here: BUT I wanted to post the Idea here directly: Enable in the "My Sync" and "Devices" -view an option to show an additional column that displays the direct path to the shared folder.The ability to sort my shares for their name, size or path
  3. The Wishlist is kind of awkward.. I don't know what it is but it feels like that this is just a thread to dump ideas that never get picked up. Also this, the column I have in mind, shouldn't be a "feature" to post on a so called "wishlist" this is just a basic thing that should be standard. I want to be able to sort the shares list on name of the share, size of the share or its path. For example jDownloader. Geez you have dozens of columns to add and since the lack of the path is introduced in 1.3, my opinion and the discussion should be here in the the thread. The wishlist thread is also somewhat redundant :-D .. well that's another story it sure is. But it doesn't make any sense to me why the completely got rid of the ability to show it.
  4. Well there is that. IMO there is plenty of space to show, optionally, the full path or the path to the share in a seperate column.
  5. Awesome! Thanks for the update! I'm excited to see where this project is going.. /e and my first complaint about the new "My Sync" and "Devices" Tab. If I have multiple shares called "Stuff" it's not easy to see what the parent path of the share is.. For my Sync Shares I have something like this (take a look at the screenshot) C:/BTSync/ + Shares + Sam + Stuff (is a single share) + .... + Dropbox (is a single share) + .... + Temp (is a single share) + .... + Dean + Stuff (is a single share) + .... + Dropbox (is a single share) + .... + Temp (is a single share) + .... + Zoe + Stuff (is a single share) + .... + Dropbox (is a single share) + .... + Temp (is a single share) + .... + Local (is a single share) + .... + .... For me it's now hard to see who the shares belong to or to be more accurate what Share I share with. I know I could hover over the folder name but that's as quick. Since there are now columns would it be to harsh to ask wether you could make an option to turn on a "View full path" column?
  6. So you want a proper versioning solution with BTS? I definitely can see your benefit of it but I don't see it coming since even Dropbox doesn't support something like this. They have to deal with file-locks also and I guess the easiest way to do this is just close the file and wait till sync is done and then reopen it.. And try to think from the side of BTS: the client has to check EVERY second or even less if any bit of the hashed files has changed and that consumes a lot of compute power and if you work on a mobile client without the power cord plugged in.. well that's a short business day. At the moment the cycle is at 10min default if I'm not wrong and that's just the time where the files are being checked. But every 5 seconds your client makes a connection to (yeah obviously relay servers), (which are some amazon cloud servers where they are buying cumpute time I guess) and (update server?! it's port 80 so I guess thats just for the update request for a new BTS version) and checks for your any other information there so that's battery consuming as well and I think it's not that smart to have an always-on connection to your shares. It's diffrent if you do that in a browser where you can end the connection right away when you're done editing..
  7. You don't understand how BTS works. BTS is not a service where you can edit a file with muliple users like Google Docs or so.. BTS locks the file while you edit it on all devices you try to access it from. I don't think this is possible.
  8. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know if there is someone with a Drobo and you want to get BTS running on that too there is a website where you can find instructions to install it with instruction or EVEN compile a new version if it's available here at the bittrorrent site. Cheers
  9. What did I just read... /e and now there is not limit on how many clients can access a share (maybe there is a mathematical limit to it but that's probably ridiculous high)
  10. Well ok didn't do my homework right on 1) but on 2 and 3: if they have a beta phase going on and they fix bugs and they have an update checker build in why don't they use it? If they have a version that is not secure or stable they won't release it but if it is why don't they make use of the update machanism build into the app? /e "2) The update checker is NOT broken - not every "beta" build is pushed out via auto-update" and why do they put the new version on the download page while the update button says that the current, old, version is the latest.
  11. Because this Thread isn't started from the Team. The update checker functionality is broken or not implemented (on click is just staticly says that this is the new version even if it's not) You can always grab the latest update on the main page in the download section
  12. No it's just a new release with bugfixes i guess
  13. It is mentioned throughout the forum but I just wanted to give this a +1 .SyncInclude - if you search for it here you'll find what I mean