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  1. Well sometimes carriers block certain ports and application usage. Like some block voip traffic to make you buy their voip plan and then they unblock you from that. Doesn't have to be related to Sync per se.
  2. Move your mouse on the little dots on the far right a share menu will appear to it's left. OR you can right click on of the shares. This will also give you a share button.
  3. I think you you need to contact support directly Tell them your license number and they will help you out. Also link them to this topic if you can.
  4. You don't have to add your friends PC to your Devices. You just generate a link for that folder that you want to share. Please see here:
  5. IIRC Sync first checks if a predefined host is configured and then tries to get info from the tracker server. If you have hosts that are available using a hostname you can just add them to a share and Sync will try to connect to them directly first.
  6. That is the beauty of P2P. They all sync to each other no matter who it is. Let's say you sync to A and B, but B is offline right now. A has all the new files and folders you just added. You turn of your Device but A is still online. After a while B comes online and syncs everything it "misses" from A. Does this make more sense now?
  7. I think this is a bug and you should contact support to get this added to the backlog. There is a new release coming up soon so maybe you can check if this is still the case when it is released and then open a support case.
  8. What you want is a none deleting node. Please add your voice to this feature request thread
  9. If it is shared via key you can't limit the amount of files you receive.
  10. Instead of uninstalling a new Version of an Anti Virus System one should make him or herself familiar with the security application that prohibits access to services. I can think of ways that you would've been able to troubleshoot this further without going back to an older, not as up to date, Version of your security solution.
  11. How many files does this directory have that you are sharing? Normally Sync should pick up any new or changed file; at the latest after rebooting your Computer / restarting Resilio Sync.
  12. With any VPN or Proxy Service you have to think of what is the company offering. If they are offering VPN or Proxy Services for free then they must make money somehow. For example selling your Data. It is bad advise to just say "Use a VPN" or "Use a proxy". Instead saying "Use a good VPN Service" would be better. What good defines is up to the Security Community that looks at all kind of services that pop up, especially after the new US news that broke a couple days ago regarding the ISP selling data. F-Secures Freedome VPN is a Service that offers good security and is trusted by some well known people in the security community.
  13. I know this is still a thing.. I will flag to the team once again Maybe we can have an update on it
  14. @dpuder As Helen said you are more than welcome to contact Support directly to have them check out the problem. If there is an issue you are experiencing, you need to let the vendor know about it.
  15. At the moment there is no such functionality. Also this is more of a feature request and should've postet into the Feature Request forum. Maybe @Helen is so kind to move it there? :-)
  16. I don't think there are any active links for PPC anymore. See
  17. You can also work with the SyncIgnore file found in every share you create. You can selectively disable certain folders OR files to be excluded from syncing. You can find more about it here
  18. From here you can find various links to other articles.
  19. This is not a bug the way you are describing it. If you add a file called "500mb.file" to a selective sync share on client A, you have sync open and running, it starts syncing this file to another node. In the middle of syncing, not being fully transferred to the other client B, you delete the file from client A. Since client B never got the file fully there is no way client A can get the full file.
  20. Please make yourself familiar how Selective Sync works. This behavior you are describing is expected and not a bug.
  21. If you click on the peers and next to the one in question is a checkmark then all files are synced. I am not sure what to parse for in the log file - the log file is not consistent over releases since devs change it quite frequently.
  22. Please look here
  23. Normally Sync re-indexes / re-scans all folders after you restart Sync. Depending on how many shares you have added to sync and how large they are this could take a couple of minutes to show a change to a single file on the other peers.
  24. You can enable additional columns in the Sync GUI to show a Progress column that will show you the progress of a file being synced. If it empty it means there are no files to sync / all files have been synced.