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  1. Resilio will pick up changes over time. This setting is "folder scan interval" and after that the files that got changed will sync. Of course only if they are not locked by some application that is accessing it at this moment. Then Sync will skip them - but it should give you a popup telling you that there is a locked file.
  2. @Helen This looks like possible Spam/Scam.
  3. This should help:
  4. You can only map local drives in Sync and not Windows Shares.
  5. Well for starters I wouldn't post a secret to a share here on the forum. Second what is "" ? Did you make sure that the instance you are trying to connect to has that port setup as listening port? You also want to check out
  6. Well.. if you have Sync running and have shares connected to it that want to download files this is exactly what it should do; download files. not sure that this is an issue of Sync without more information. do you mean disk usage in terms of read/write usage or the usage of data on a hard drive (amount free and not free)?
  7. Because you have a , (comma) to much in the part that doesnt work. Try this { "storage_path" : "/var/lib/resilio-sync/", "pid_file" : "/var/run/resilio-sync/", "webui" : { "listen" : "" ,"allow_empty_password" : false ,"force_https" : true ,"ssl_certificate" : "/etc/letsencrypt/live/" "ssl_private_key" : "/etc/letsencrypt/live/" } }
  8. Well you can't. This is currently a "limitation"/UX Bug of Sync. There is a thread you can add your voice to, to have them add a way to make Shares more distuingishable. Here:
  9. @jfreimanWell you could run your Sync instances using a configuration file for these kind of settings ;-)
  10. Well you have to make sure that the webserver can't access the hidden folder .sync that contains critical files for Sync to work properly. But other than that this is a linux question. More like an apache server configuration question. You should be able to google that.
  11. What you could do is you could add a prefix to the names of the files you don't want to sync from Side A to Side B and add this to the SyncIgnore file (please see Or you could put them in a specific folder that does not sync also taking advantage of the SyncIgnore file. But other than that I can't think of anything else
  12. Well technically you are wrong. There is always a router involved even though you don't see it. In your initial statement you didn't specifiy which ports your server has access to. How can you be sure that all other ports are closed for this server? I'd love to see a tcp dump on the external interface filtering on the host ip of the other client that is syncing to that server. I don't really think you know that only port 80 and 443 are accessible.
  13. It depends on your setup. If your Router has UPnP enabled this is most likely the explenation for it.
  14. /edit misunderstood the wording the first time. Yes you can continue syncing again when the computer comes back online without any issues
  15. What makes you think you need to open port 3000? Resilio Sync used UDP and TCP connections and various ports. You can find all about it in the Help Center @
  16. If you installed Sync then by default the sharing option is a link that you can give somebody else so he can add the share to his running instance or Sync. The destination folder will be prompted for when you add the share to a different Sync instance. From your wording I imagine that you are trying to sync files from a local folder to another local folder, right? (local meaning syncing files on the same machine no matter if its the same hdd, partition or external harddrive) Local syncing is not supported
  17. Yes, essentially, BitTorrent Sync behaves this way: On a device that is "read only"; A ) if you add a file/folder, it won't get replicated back to other devices. B ) If you modify a file/folder, the file/folder won't get modified on other devices. C ) If you delete a file/folder, the file/folder won't get deleted from other devices. D ) If you modify a file/folder it will be overwritten with a copy from other full-access devices, only if/when it is next modified on one of those full-access devices. E ) If you delete a file/folder it will only re-appear, if subsequent changes are made to the corresponding file/folder on another full-access device. in essence, rather than a "read-only" device always being an exact "mirror" of a corresponding full-access device, instead a "read only" sync is about "ignoring" any changes on that "read-only" device.
  18. Can you please go into a little bit more detail on what you are missing?
  19. Yup that's true but only for your own Devices and not the other peers from a different identity. I do think that this should be somehow accessible information.
  20. But you can configure the bind interface in the advanced settings if you want to.
  21. Are you implying that you are using BitTorrent Sync Version 1.4 or lower? If so then there is no way of prohibiting other users of adding one of your shares if they know the key. If you are using Resilio Sync however or BitTorrent Sync 2.0 or greater then you can add a share that is based on links and there the owner of the share (creator) has to manually permit other peers of adding this share to their Sync instance. Does this answer your question?
  22. It won't delete your files on other peers connected to that share. Sync will show that the folder is not available and will continue syncing once you have re-attached the external HDD to your computer.
  23. @norbert78 No, there is no way of knowing if some folders have the same way. You cann add your voice to this feature request thread: