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  1. Running and maintaining your own VPS (Virtual Private Server) is something I would not recommend if you don't have the knowledge on how to run such a service and don't get your server hacked or abused by others. If you want to learn about all that, what I would recommend to you is get a Raspberry Pi and set this up at home first. With this you will learn: how to setup a linux based computer how to install and setup a Resilio Sync instance running on linux (this would be the very same service that would run on your Server at a Hoster) Install services to prevent others from gaining access Hardening your system using fail2ban Properly setting up a SSH Server for you to connect to that does not allow downgrading attacks and that supports PFS (Perfect Foward Secrecy) How to setup a NGINX webserver and how to publish content there All this is super "easy" if you have something small at home first, to really really make sure that you know what you are doing. If you want this to be accessible from outside of your home you can always check if your ISP/Router Manufacturer has some DynDNS Service. There is lot's of things to know about how to run a server properly. You need to be in total control of what it is doing and should know what each service really does. And by starting with a Raspberry Pi you can try out all there applications there first in your safe environment before going big/live. If you want a web page there are bunch of really good services out there like Squarespace or Jimdo. Where you also have the possibility to really get into that code of the webpage and make fine adjustments if you need to from their amazing pre made sets of webpages that you can buy/use.
  2. AFAIK there is currently no way of doing this on iOS.
  3. Yes I am seeing this as well. This does not cause any issues with syncing is more of a cosmetic issue as far as I can tell. Although this shouldn't be a thing.
  4. Sure, thats possible. Whatever you are more comfortable with:
  5. If you have a folder inside of your Selective Sync Share that is called "Subfolder" that contains "Subfile1.txt" and "Subfile2.txt" and you delete that folder "Subfolder" you should see something like "Subfolder.rsl" and if you double click that it should put the folder there and create the selective sync temp files afterwards. Take a look at and
  6. If you don't see the context menu check System Preferences. Go to System Preferencey -> Extensions -> Finder If you see the Sync Finder Extension, check the box if unchecked and if it is checked, uncheck it and check it again. This should do the trick. Maybe also log out once and then back into your Mac account or simply reboot. (you can also restart the Finder process if you know how to do that)
  7. If you have a share, lets call it "Vacation Photos" and want to have a friend of yours read only access to that share so that he can receive all photos but won't be able to delete or add new photos to that folder, what you would do is create a link for that share and set it to read only mode. You send that link to your friend and he adds this share and only this share to his Sync installation. You will get a notification that he added the link and his PC will show up as an additional peer for that share in your Sync instance. He won't be able to access all other folders this way. Did this clear things up for you? If not let me know.
  8. If you want to sync to peers outside of your LAN the application, as all other applications using the Internet, rely on certain ports to be accessible through your router or coming into your network from the outside. If your setup is only meant for syncing files inside your LAN you don't need to open any ports on your router for incoming connections to that client you are running Sync on.
  9. The configuration that you have done in WebGUI can unfortunetely not be exported. But what you can do is create a configuration file and have sync use this instead. For this there is a help article on where you can find all about it.
  10. Since the new filesystem won't be launched until next Fall there is still lots of time figuring out if there is anything that needs to be changed. For all I know there is currently no beta for developers to test the new filesystem and I bet when there will be a beta it will be launched for WWDC in the summer.
  11. Generally speaking: it depends. There are a couple of factors that are involved. Somebody could bruteforce his was into your machine for example. So you have to make sure the passwords you use are good (use 1Password). It is always smart to use something like fail2ban for stuff like that. So there are multiple options now. You can configure sync to listen on so it is accessible from the internet You can set it to so it is only accessible locally and what you would do is you SSH into your Raspberry Pi and then tunnel that port to your local machine so you can open your browser and enter (this is an example) localhost:8888 and you are on the Raspberry Pis WebGUI for Sync tunneled through your SSH session (this option is what I would prefer over any other) Or you can setup a VPN connection to your Raspberry Pi and manage it that way You can find out about Tunneling through SSH if you just look around on Google.
  12. @Helen Can you please merge this into the following thread? Thank you!
  13. Sync starting with the 2.X release no longer uses the 32 bit secrets and has moved on to a new architecture. You are still able to add 1.4 Shares using a secret but newly added shares will automatically be in the new 2.X form using links. You can find out all about it here: and
  14. There is a genereal Feature Request Thread - there probably is already a thread open for this functionality. So it is best to add your +1 there as well.
  15. Would you mind to elaborate a little bit more on this? Do you mean to move files around within a shared folder?
  16. Just keep in mind that you can't share the same folder with multiple rslsync instances. If you are on a linux node with those instances you might be able to work with links. That's how I am using it on some test machines.
  17. It simply creates a copy of that file and increments an integer at the end and moves it to the .sync folder. You just move the file out of that folder and remove the integer value at the end. Unfortunetely there is no way to do this in WebGUI; you have to go to the filesystem itself and do that.
  18. I'm gonna let the team know about it. Thanks.
  19. I am not sure I understood your question right. You can freely move around a share on your harddrive as long as it stays on that partition and harddrive. Sync will follow the folder around so you don't have to change a thing in Sync itself.
  20. Sync does not follow the folder when you move it to a different partition or phsyical drive. You have to unlink the share on the maschine and then move the files to the new location. After that add that folder to sync and it will start to re-index the files. This does not cause of all your files to be re-synced don't worry.
  21. Are all your clients on the same Version? Has anything changed in your network since you have upgraded Sync? Maybe the ports used by Sync itself?
  22. The iOS App can connect to 2.4 Resilio Sync. There will be more info coming about the iOS App and how it will move to Resilio Inc.
  23. Ok glad you got it solved. So it was not my script that caused it, right? Would be weird if it was. Probably tuxpuldo's repo or something..
  24. Please see this help article: If you are still having issues let us know