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  1. Hey guys I would advise you all to take a look at the newly released RC for Resilio Sync. Please read the information Roman has provided to ensure you are not ending up with corrupt data or anything ;-) might have happened while we were testing phase ^^
  2. Just keep in mind that there is no conversion of data when you decide to have the data to be decrypted on PC2. You have to re-sync the entire folder to that peer in an unencrypted state.
  3. Why actually not use nagios or PRTG? I mean most of the Sync clients itself support SMNP. I don't think using Sync as a monitoring system is a good idea/solution to the problem. Since you can only track up and down time.
  4. This usually happens when you change rotation of those images on your computer..
  5. What version are you on? And where did you look for that option within the BitTorrent Sync WebGUI? Go to Options -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Power User
  6. That applies for all versions of BitTorrent Sync right now, free and pro. If you are looking for data distribution you can check out
  7. @all: Please consider looking in the Feature Request thread if such a request has already been opened and if so add your voice. If not feel free to create thread with detailed information.
  8. On Windows you should have a right click option to sync the selected file/s or folder/s. The same goes for OS X. You don't have to double click it.
  9. I am running the latest BitTorrent Sync version on a Raspberry Pi v1 and it is perfectly fine without issues so there is no need for you to upgrade to Raspberry Pi v3. Like previously, it is a great help to follow the steps the Team has given to troubleshoot the issue you are experiencing.
  10. Depending on your operating system the .Sync folder is the one you are looking for. Back that one up and you should be able to recover all your settings and shares when you put it back. You don't need to backup .journal or .log files as they are just for logging and nothing else. Also the zipped logs and journal files are not crucial for the backup.
  11. Is BitTorrent Sync indexing files? What is the GUI saying what it is doing? How long is it spiking?
  12. Did you copy the WHOLE link? If not please just copy the whole link you get in your E-Mail and paste it there.
  13. The username and password that you have to provide is the one from your AD/the user you want to run the Windows Service as and NOT the one you have setup for BitTorrent Syncs Webadmin user.
  14. Actually that won't work 100%. You forgot to add the configuration file to the ExecStart command. It should say this: ExecStart=/usr/bin/btsync --config /etc/btsync/config.json Otherwise btsync will create a new syncdata folder and not use any of your settings you have configured in your config file.
  15. You can use something like Fail2Ban which is a great tool or you can read this: especially the last paragraph. Whatever suits your needs. If you are using the SSH version, your question also applies there. So make sure you use a good SSH configuration.
  16. Please read this: Especially the last section
  17. If you are on Debian Jessie you can type systemctl status btsync And it will output you something like this moe@vps121795:~$ systemctl status btsync ● btsync.service - BitTorrent Sync service Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/btsync.service; static) Active: active (running) since Thu 2016-02-18 19:14:53 CET; 1 weeks 3 days ago Docs: Main PID: 19466 (btsync) CGroup: /system.slice/btsync.service └─19466 /usr/bin/btsync --config /etc/btsync/config.json moe@vps121795:~$
  18. Yikes! When you drop the configuration file into the appdata dir where the btsync.exe is it should pick it up automatically. Also there have been a couple requests like this on the forum, if you search for windows service you will probably get a couple answers on how to do that.
  19. Yes you can always copy the received link into the add key prompt.
  20. Hey guys I wanted to point out that there now is an official repository. You can check out the information here in the blog post: Happy syncing
  21. So the news it out you guys! There is an official repository from the crew at BitTorrent Inc. ! YAY You can definitely check out what they have written up on the blog post here So what does that mean for the my little project? I will definitely will keep it up and maintain it. Though I will advise people to use the official repository, not just because of support cases but also just for standardization etc. Right now if there is a newer version than there is via auto-update you won't be able to install it using the official repository. With the script, you can just pass the link Roman or any other person is posting for the latest version (which is not always available via the website or the update function in BitTorrent Sync itself) and install said version. If you want to run the very latest version and be on the edge of things you can do that with my script. All that requires me re-writing some things especially now that I will be supporting systemd and the old service. I'll keep you posted