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  1. I fully support what you're doing here, but remind me what's to stop someone from sharing your secret with the pedophiles and hitmen? Is a user able to see who is following them?
  2. The only thing I'm looking for is the ability to limit the capacity of a folder. Being able to set a hard limit on the size of a synced folder would allow me to easily share a folder with random people on the internet and have confidence that they aren't going to DDOS me by spamming the folder until my harddrive has filled up.
  3. Holy crap. This seems to have started something: There are distributed chat clients, social networks, and email systems which are based on bitttorrent sync popping up all over the place! I sincerely wish that ALL of these projects find success and widespread adoption. The whole situation has a very nerdy vibe right now, which is unfortunate because these innovations could easily lead to an internet revolution if it was made more accesible to the average joe. This would bring relevance back to the desktop PC which is apparently dying in the wake of smartphones if techblogs and nerd magazines
  4. I think I understand the fundamentals of P2P, but I'm stumped by how a P2P solution can link up me and my family when we are geographically separate (as well as being on totally different networks). For torrents, I understand that there are trackers which can help create links between peers who want to download the same file. For magnet links my understanding is that no tracker is involved, but as long as there are enough peers looking for the same content they will eventually bump into each other and create that speedy mesh network. I'm under the impression that btsync works on the same princ
  5. I control the ubuntu box by remote desktop and ssh. IP addresses are static on both ends of the crossover cable. It's not using DHCP. Will give the Pre-defined hosts setting a go
  6. I've got two windows 7 laptops and an ubuntu 12.10 box. The ubuntu box is directly connected via crossover cable to one of the laptops, it has no wireless access. The ubuntu box reports running version 1.1.70 ( up to date ). The windows laptops report running version 1.1.74 I've tried to share my music folder between the laptop and ubuntubox that have a direct connection, but nothing happens. The ubuntu box reports /Backup/My Music 0 B in 0 files while the windows laptop reports 85.8 GB in 13094 files. After this I tried to make a test folder on both my laptops and the ubuntu box. Ins