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  1. To try and fully explain the topic title... When considering the following folder structure: Parent FolderChild Folder 1Child Folder 2...and assuming that Parent Folder is already a sync'd folder, will it ever be possible to share just, say, Child Folder 1 with someone whom I don't want to have access to Parent Folder and Child Folder 2 via a different secret? At the moment we are warned that it is part of a folder that is already synching (or we are warned that it contains a folder which is already synching if you were to attempt to share Parent Folder after Child Folder 1 was already a s
  2. Where possible, synchronising save game files for games which lack Steam Cloud integration.
  3. My request is that BitTorrent Sync for iOS can be customised to only backup the photographs taken with the stock camera app. At the moment it is possible to, for example, save images from Mobile Safari into the Camera Roll (long tap, Save), and these are inevitably also synchronised. It would be my preference that these files are overlooked. It could be possible to read the EXIF to determine if the photograph was taken with the Camera or not. Problems with my suggestion: People may use non-standard photo apps (Hipstamatic, Instagram, etc) which also add non-standard EXIF data to the imag