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  1. Why is everything so spaced out and hidden in this new UI? Please consider going back to the old UI - it worked just fine and was very easy to use.
  2. +1 Totally agree, I dislike when applications add themselves here, the context menu gets SO cluttered with Adobe and all that stuff. Please make the context menu optional and don't automatically register the context menu extension upon upgrade.
  3. I had a similar problem with the special characters. If it's useful I uploaded a log here:
  4. maybe, but I am under the impression that bittorrent sync actually creates a separate torrent for each file. I'm not sure if that matters.
  5. +1 The lack of a 'move' command is really frustrating, I did an "auto arrange music filename" operation and the whole thing had to be re-uploaded. I did notice that **sometimes** Bittorrent Sync handles a move as a 'rename' and doesn't need to retransmit the files. However it seems to not be resilient to changes in the directory structure.
  6. I'm seeing "Client version is up to date" when I check for updates. Where can we get 1.1.70?
  7. OK, so I've done this and restarted bittorrent sync on all the machines. However it is still doing this. Is there a way of fixing it other than deleting the folder and making it re-scan 80+ GB of files?
  8. I have the same problem, this is on Windows 8 and it is possible that one of the system clocks is wrong. For sure, some of the computers are in different time zones. Will that make any difference? Is it possible to get back into a good state?