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  1. Regarding 1), can you make sure you're using the latest version (either by checking out v0.9 from github or by installing the latest btsync-user package) and let me know if it's still happening? If it is, can you report a bug on Github with as much info as you can about your linux distro and desktop environment with version numbers? Regarding 2), I'd like to implement this, but I'm yet to find the API function to Pause/Resume sync since there's no function in the web interface that I can examine. If you install the latest version of btsync-user you can shut down btsync from the indicator menu and restart it from the main menu entry.
  2. I've written an Bittorrent Sync indicator for Linux Desktops (specifically Ubuntu, but may work on others too - let me know!). It basically displays the same information as the WebUI - which folders are syncing, and which peers they're syncing with. It has an animated icon to show when something is syncing, and there's a function to copy secrets to the clipboard. You can get it, find out how to use it, and report bugs at Enjoy!