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  1. GreatMarko, Once again, thanks for your response. At least in my situation, there was no file lock or file in use. This was verified on both machines via Sysinternals Process Explorer I think I have a handle on what's happening. The target sync folder is defined as ReadOnly because I want to delete some of what is sync'ed. (Much are chronological backups from the source machine which do NOT have to occupy space on the recipient machine. Only the most recent backups need be saved on the sync recipient. Clearly, any new file or changed file does have to be synced. The source folder has subfolders (not that this matters). AS I delete the unneeded backups on the recipient machine's R/O folder, the source (R/W) BitTorrentSync status reflects what IT has that the recipient does not. And it grows and remains from day to day. Any NEW file or file changes DO get sync'ed. But the 'status' on the source machine continues to reflect "U: xxxMB". The status apparently will NEVER again show 'synced on dd/mm/yy ...'. One proviso: in order for me to see file changes on the target machine, I had to remove the sync folder and re add it. I changed and used a new R/O secret. I do not know why the sync was not happening but do admit that seeing the U: xxx MB inclined me to believe that all that was pending and not being synced whereas only a very small portion of that had not been and was not being synced. Perhaps in the future, a new column can be added indicating the folder differences (as it currently does with U: and an other column showing the actual sync time and date. This could remove the ambiguity that something 'ought' to be synced sometime in the future in favor of 'we synced all we have now' (and cannot control what the R/O folder is or is not deleting). Regards, Steve
  2. GreatMarko, Thanks for your response. I found your link after I posted my question. However, I continue to have a problem and questions. I have been successfully syncing via LAN for more than a month until yesterday. Since then, status keeps showing "U: 652 MB" while never initiating the transfer. Is there some way to force the transfer? Is there some preference that can force the transfer? Is there some preference that is preventing the transfer? The size of the transfer has not changed significantly from the prior successful ones. Is there a size consideration somewhere? I have restarted BTSync on both machines to no avail. Other folders syncing between the same machines DO continue to work. tia, Steve
  3. What does Devices | Device | Status U: size mean?? ie 634.4 MB ?? How to get the folder to begin to sync? Thanks Steve