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  1. Hi. I got two NAS boxes (excito B2 and pogoplug V4 with archlinux). Recently installed the newest version of btsync on both of them. Everything (btsync) was working fine till then. Problem is that the web-ui does not respond at all on neither of the nas'es. After some trial I found that by disabling "use UPnP for port mapping" web-ui works fine agin. Syncing actually works too. The pogoplug nas is connected through a wrt54g v5 router. The B2 got an built in router and is not a part of the wrt54g network. I tried enabling upnp on the wrt54g but it did not work when upnp port mapping was enabled.
  2. I cant get it to work on a Seagate central Nas. The system kills the app right away. The box runs monta vista linux 6 and is arm6 based.
  3. I can not run the app on Seagate Central NAS. When I try run btsync it immeadetly kills it. I just get the message Killed. It could be the linux distro on the NAS that prevents me from running packages through some security reasons. The nas runs MontaVista Linux 6 and is arm 6 based.
  4. Hi! I bought a seagate central 4Tb. When I try to execute the btsync file I get the massage: Killed I guess there s some kind of security hold on running packages. I got it to work on another NAS and that worked with no problems. Anyone been up to this kind of problems? The seagate cesntral runs some "MontaVista Linux 6" and is ARM based.
  5. I would like to have a "log out feature" in the web interface on the NAS version. I love BTSync!!
  6. Oh, I think I misunderstood how this works. Got it to work now!! thank you! BTW This BTSync is the most genious thing I have tried!!!
  7. Hi! How do I synchronize from a nas to another nas? I can not find any place to input the secret at the btsync web interface of my nas. I got if working from my nas to pc though. Can i add the secret through ssh etc? BTsync is awesome btw! Thank you:)