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  1. Many thanks, that seems to be the case. I also found that lan_use_tcp causes it to fail (whereas I guess it just complained with 1.4, but I didn't notice! - https://github.com/tuxpoldo/btsync-deb/issues/143)
  2. I'm having difficulties with the latest version... when trying to start the daemon, I get an error: Failed to start btsync instance root - please check the configuration file /etc/btsync/root.confSo I looked here and found I need to add the directory_root setting... having done that, I'm still getting the same error - can you tell me what is wrong with my config file? (This is a minimal version I'm trying just to get it to work, then I can add everything back!) //!/usr/lib/btsync-core/btsync-core --config// // DAEMON_UID=root // DAEMON_GID=root // DAEMON_NICE=19 { "device_name" : "server", "storage_path" : "/root/BTSync", "pid_file" : "/root/BTSync/btsync.pid", "webui" : { "listen" : "", "login" : "user", "password" : "pass" }, "directory_root" : "/root/BTSync/Shares/", "directory_root_policy" : "all" } ^^ I've no idea why this isn't working in the codebox thingy! The various referenced directories do exist and are writable by user&group. Thanks!
  3. Here they are (I use the web gui, so have just removed the user auth bits - obviously they both have different listen ports/usernames/passwords)... /etc/btsync/cam.conf: //!/usr/lib/btsync/btsync-daemon --config//// DAEMON_UID=cam// DAEMON_NICE=18//{ "device_name": "RPi-Server (CAM)", "listening_port" : 36574, "storage_path" : "/home/cam/.BTSync", "pid_file" : "/home/cam/.BTSync/btsync.pid", "check_for_updates" : false, "use_upnp" : true, "download_limit" : 0, "upload_limit" : 0, "webui" : { "listen" : "[PORT]", "login" : "[USERNAME]", "password" : "[PASSWORD]" }}and /etc/btsync/root.conf: //!/usr/lib/btsync/btsync-daemon --config//// DAEMON_UID=root// DAEMON_NICE=18//{ "device_name": "RPi-Server", "listening_port" : 36573, "storage_path" : "/root/.BTSync", "pid_file" : "/root/.BTSync/btsync.pid", "check_for_updates" : false, "use_upnp" : true, "download_limit" : 0, "upload_limit" : 0, "webui" : { "listen" : "[PORT]", "login" : "[USERNAME]", "password" : "[PASSWORD]" }}p.s. Thanks for the new version with niceness :-)
  4. Thanks! I'm sure it will make many Raspberry Pi owners very happy Incidentally, a question for any other rpi users... I'm running btsync under 2 different user accounts, and when they're both idling, they're probably using around 10% CPU each... however my load average is consistently ~2.00 (not good!) with nothing else running. Has anyone else experienced this, and should I consider going back to only a single btsync instance? (Is that likely to help, less context switching / etc?)
  5. Tuxpoldo, Firstly, thanks very much for creating this package - it's a lot easier to run apt-get update than it was to do things manually! I have a feature request... I'm running btsync, among other things, on a raspberry pi and want btsync to have a lower priority... could you implement another configuration parameter NICE_VALUE ? Thanks!
  6. Thank you so much! And my apologies to the team for not finding this myself
  7. Please make read-only "syncs" work how many people expect them to (or at least include an option to do that per share)... At the moment, they're not really syncs at all, so I might as well use FTP for the backup... A number of files at the RO-end seem to have been changed - not by me on purpose, but presumably file permissions / timestamps / etc (I'm assuming they've changed, since the RO-end thinks it has 900MB to upload and there are no new files)... which means that now, any changes I make to those files on the master will NOT be synchronized through to the RO end. So an option to force a RO sync to stay up-to-date is imperative! p.s. Presumably read-only encrypted peers stay up-to-date, so I wouldn't have thought it would be very difficult to incorporate for read-only unencrypted peers...
  8. The ability to disable individual syncs. Use case... I am a photographer, and so have a LOT of photos that I duplicate from my main computer to a server. When I'm done with an event (e.g. a wedding), I do not need to continue syncing that folder (each of the events is a separate sync) so I currently delete the sync. If I then need to go back and make any edits / etc, I then want to resync it... so have to add it again. It would be nice to simply disable a sync when it is done with... and then re-enable it if I need to make any changes. Nathan
  9. OK, so the one thing I hadn't tried was running it in a different user account (as there weren't any on the netbook!) I just created one and it runs absolutely fine under that. I've tried it as an "admin" account, and as a "user" account... it works in both modes. Any ideas as to why I would be able to run it under this second account, but not the main one?! EDIT: Even copying the %AppData%\BitTorrent Sync directory from the working account into the non-working one still doesn't help... it no longer shows the welcome page, just loads directly to the tray... but still doesn't respond to right-clicks and won't ever show the application window...
  10. I'm happily running BTSync in Linux on various computers, and on Windows at work... but am now trying to run it on Windows on my netbook... It won't work. No matter what I try (older versions / copying the various .dat files from a working system / installing vs not installing) it simply hangs - immediately after the "welcome screen" asks me if I want to do a "Standard Setup" or if "I have a secret" (I've tried both, as well as skipping it entirely). Unfortunately there is no point providing a log file, as it is completely empty. I also cannot turn on debug mode, as the app doesn't respond (so right-clicking on the tray icon does nothing!) The following files are created in "%AppData%\BitTorrent Sync", containing their defaults: Cache (empty folder) settings.dat (7 KB) settings.dat.old (7 KB) sync.lng (73 KB) sync.log (0 bytes) This is all I see: The computer is a Samsung NC10 running Windows 7 32-bit. It has an Atom CPU N270 @ 1.6GHz, and 2GB of RAM. Any help to get it running would be much appreciated!
  11. Nils, This is strangely working for me today also - I just used ssh -L 8889:localhost:8888 user@remotehost and can use the webui without any problems at http://localhost:8889. Last time I tried it (exactly the same way as now, before posting the message), the JS console was throwing an error about jquery.js at http://localhost:8888 every time I tried to perform an action (view folder preferences, delete folder, add folder, etc). Thanks anyway!
  12. I have BTSync working great on a couple of headless linux boxes, as well as on my linux laptop... I do not want to forward port 8888 from each router to the particular local headless box, instead I wish to use the WebUI over an SSH tunnel. As I am also using BTSync on my laptop, it means I cannot forward my local port 8888, as it is in use, so my usual command would be: ssh -L 8889:localhost:8888 user@remotehost Then viewing http://localhost:8889 actually loads the WebUI of remotehost running on port 8888. Unfortunately this does not work properly, as the WebUI seems to have hardcoded in the location of AJAX calls - so it tries to perform actions on localhost:8888 (which is not the correct address!) One workaround of course is to use a config file to change the WebUI port on each system, so that I can forward the same port as is being used (e.g. ssh -L 8889:localhost:8889 user@remotehost) - but this is not an ideal solution!