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  1. +1 for uclibc, would like to run on DNS-323 (NAS). Even better: Please make it open-source so that we can compile ourselves for whatever devices we need. Otherwise the "please release a binary for xxx" will never stop.
  2. +1 for this. Actually I already mentioned it earlier in this thread, but I want to voice my support for it again!
  3. Okay, thanks! That option's function was not clear to me. I thought it meant "automatically check for updates instead of manual refresh". I guess you're saying it is actually "automatically download everything". Much obliged.
  4. Request #1 Summary: A method to duplicate and transfer folder syncs between devices. Perhaps import/export functionality. Even better would be some kind of login/authentication for folder management. Explanation: The problem I am having is that I currently have ~5 folders in various sync configurations between 5 devices. When I setup a new folder, I have to re-add the same folder for each device. When I change devices in the future (new phone, OS/Distro change, etc) I will have to copy/restore a bunch of folders. Furthermore, if one of my device dies unexpectedly it will probably be even more tedious/difficult to re-create the sync folders. Request #2 Summary: A way to selectively choose which sub-folders to sync when adding a shared folder. Explanation: Suppose a friend/colleague shares a large folder with me. On my desktop I would like to download and sync the whole folder. But on my phone I only want a subset since the storage capacity is limited. Currently I do not see a way to address this scenario.