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  1. I think I found the problem. It was a link that was invalid. I had a "backup" of /proc from an embedded linux machine on my OSX computer. One soft link in this folder had permissions that was l-wx------ but I couldn't access or change the permissions (to see where the link pointed to). I deleted this /proc backup directory and sync works.
  2. Here's sync.log. Doesn't seem to contain anything weird. What other file should I upload? I see a lot of db-shm and the last files modified are two db-wal files. sync.log.txt
  3. BTSync worked for a day and now it always crashes a minute after launching it. I've tried restating OSX and quitting other apps (including Transmission), but it still crashes. It's always about a minute after launch (usually while it's indexing). If it helps, I have another mac on the network also running btsync (with no error). I'm also syncing files from an external drive. I've attached a crash log BitTorrent Sync_2013-09-19-215955_Yifans-MacBook-Air.txt