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  1. Any hints what to look for in log files? Same issue here - 2 folders of 4 do not sync completely. In one - 6MB (one file difference), other nearly 380MB, approx 20 files One way sync from Windows 8 -> Mint Debian. Since I've synced the folders before without btsync, simple compare doesn't reveal what files are missing.
  2. After seeing somewhat similar behaviour of Dropbox, from time to time (and BTSync occasionally lighting fast sync ability) it seems to be local network issue, not BTSync.
  3. I accidentally let btsync index a folder where I want to sync TO (because I'm trying to continue move from sftp to btsync and most of the content is already in target machine, so deleting the whole folder is not a nice move). I need to remove it but Web UI cross button shows only the warning but clicking OK mean nothing. The folder is still in UI, I still can't set up it as a target folder for syncing from elsewhere... Any ideas? How to remove folder manually - by deleting .syncID and correct DB files?
  4. - The files in that folder are generally ~25MB .bmp or 40-60MB .dng files - SPI firewall: on target side, firewall is disabled (Thomson routers, both), on source side here - unable to check from router itself, it's telecom-locked. Any way to detect it externally?
  5. I've seen some threads before but couldn't get any ideas where to start... So, the main issue is speed or rather the lack of it... Mostly around 2-5-10kB/s, even if I've seen shorter spikes over 100 Setup: - one-way sync from win8 machine to debian machine in another town. - 2 routers in-between, one of them over wifi (upload, ie source side) - 1 folder, 2,5K files, mostly BMP and DNG files, 58GB - interesting bit: 2/3 of that folder was already in target machine. when I "connected" them, it didn't seem to say "indexing..." as it did with another test folder (I wanted to know, if it is able to continue where other app left off) - first I tried regular cloud sync, but since I have dyndns assigned to that machine, I set up port in target router and listed server:port in source. I presume I did it correctly since the icon changed and sync works.. unfortunately, as slowly as before. With this kind of speed, it's impossible to continue as I indended to back up my photos mainly. Any ideas? Anything to check on my connection? Is it possible that service provider identifies btsync as torrent and throttles it's speed somehow?