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  1. 1.2.82 on each machine. No files are locked on any of the machines, unfortunately. I seem to think that it is a UI failure rather than a real issue. Is there some log I can check?
  2. I have three computers syncing my photos folder: cleteNAS (Linux 3.x) cleteMBP (OS X Mavericks) cleteDesktop (Windows 7 64-bit) On cleteNAS and cleteMBP, the sync works just fine. However, cleteDesktop thinks it should upload 160GB+ to the other 2. It never does anything. The sync seems to work just fine; when a file is made on one computer, it is copied to another, including cleteDesktop. Why does cleteDesktop think it should re-upload the entire folder? I have removed/re-added the folder and this problem still persists. From cleteMBP perspective: All are synced. (Files originated on this machine) From cleteNAS perspective: cleteMBP is synced. Need to upload 29.7MB to cleteDesktop, but it never does. From cleteDesktop perspective: Need to upload 167.0GB to cleteMBP, but it never does. Need to upload 166.3GB to cleteNAS, but it never does. Attachment shows this portion.
  3. I don't quite follow -- what would you want? It looks like SymForm allows you to backup whatever you want/sync if while also donating your free space to others. What can BTSync add to that?