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  1. Olá Tarcisio. If the files are synced in red only mode (like the camera backup) , that is the correct behavior. Choose the "Add Folder" option to enable two way syncing. _________ João Vargem
  2. Hello Harold. Sorry it took me so long to reply. Yes, all devices are using the same version although I think only the Linux box matters. The moment I revert the Linux box (and only that one) to 1.3 the message disappears. I´ve upgraded to 1.4.83 in the meantime, but that didn´t fix anything. I was then forced to disconnect and add the folders again, because the Linux box started overwriting newer files on the other devices and I wasn´t sure if that was being caused by this error. That helped somewhat, but I still have problems in a couple of folders. I'll open another topic with all the issues I've been having with the WebUI for the Linux version.
  3. How I regret having upgraded to 1.4, everything is out of sync ever since. I have three devices (windows 7, Android and NAS with Linux) and now in the Linux box I'm getting the error: "number of pieces in torrent file doesn't match for file". I've attached the log file, although I had to change the extension to txt. This only happens for versions 1.4, if I install 1.3.* the error disappears. Any ideas or suggestions how to overcome this? The NAS is where I centralize all my data and now it simply does not sync. Disconnecting and then adding again a folder with the same key seems to fix the problem, but that is going to be a pain since I have several folders synching. The fact that I have several folders also made me notice another problem in the WebUI: no vertical scroll bar! Honestly, I understand this is in beta and free, but this version seems to have been rushed out the door without any proper testing. If this was version 1 I'd understand, but this is messing up previously running installations. How can I avoid having to re-create all of my folders again? And is there a way I can tweak the webui zip file to display a vertical scroll bar? Thanks sync_log.txt
  4. Hi. I'm not very tech savvy with these network things and I've been trying to find a way to remotely access BTSync Web UI on my local NAS box.By remotely I mean over the internet. Can you guys give me some pointers on how to do this? Thanks in advance.
  5. This is good to know. That would get me covered on all fronts. Thanks guys.
  6. Yes I see two arrows in BTSync Interface. Using uTorrent sometimes I get download speeds approaching 2MB, so I don't think it is the ISP. The funny thing is that it never goes over 115 kB/s over WAN, but most of the time it's much slower than that.
  7. PS) This still doesn't work on IE. I have to use Chrome.
  8. Hi. This version has improved things a bit on my side, I mean, the transfer speed increased from 80kBs to 115Kbs, but I still find that quite slow. It's about 10% of the network upload capacity where I currently am. The download transfer speed on the target machine location is much higher that this.
  9. I have the same problem. BTSync caps at 115kB's, which seems quite slow. It's around 10% of the network upload capacity where I currently am. The download transfer speed on the target machine location is much higher that this.
  10. Hi. I'm running Bittorrent Sync 1.1.82 on Windows 7 64 bits. I was trying to enable Debug Logging to try and figure out why synchronization is so slow and I've realized that no debug or log files are being created. Initially I couldn't figure out where the debug file was supposed to be created at. After searching these forums I found that the file name is "debug.txt" and it should be in the same directory as "sync.log". Well, after doing a full drive search, neither of these files is anywhere to be found! Am I missing something here or aren't these files being generated at all? Thanks.
  11. Problem is now solved. It turns out the reason the WebUi was not working had to do with the UPnP errors listed in the log file. The moment that was fixed the WebUI started working as before. I'm not sure exactly what fixed this though. I had to manually map the My Book Live ports in the router, because the automatic mapping was not working. The moment I did this BTSync started working. I'm not sure if there was some kind of conflict between both applications.
  12. Yes. I removed all traces of bittorrent sync before trying to install it again.
  13. Well, the first time I installed BitTorrent sync in the NAS I may have exeecuted it from different locations. I mean, the executable file was in only one place, but I called it from a different location by using the full path to it. Since I then started having problems with the WebUI and trying to create a startup script for it (I found it in one of the forums here), I decided to try and remove it completely to try and install it again. I know Linux is not like Windows in this regard, so I removed btsync and its sub-folders manually and also the startup script I was trying to use. I was hoping this would "clean" things up. Yesterday I tried to install it again and on the first run WebUI was still not working and the log file listed the errors I mentioned before. I'm starting to think I will never be able to get btsync working properly again.
  14. In case someone looks at this post, I've noticed the following errors on the sync.log file: (...) [20131026 22:44:44.561] UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying. [20131026 22:44:46.582] UPnP: Device error "http://<WD Live IP>:49154/nasdevice.xml": (- 2) [20131026 22:44:46.587] UPnP: Device error "http://<Router IP>:1780/WFADevice.xml": (-2) [20131026 22:44:46.590] UPnP: Device error "http://<Router IP>:5431/dyndev/uuid:f0241001 -5c00-e084-ac30-005c00502c10": (-2) [20131026 22:44:47.160] UPnP: Device error "http://<my laptop IP>:2869/upnphost/udhisapi.d ll?content=uuid:760d9259-73d6-4981-9329-be19ec52580c": (-2) [20131026 22:44:49.553] UPnP: Unable to map port <WD Live IP>:47215 with UPnP. [20131026 22:44:54.485] UPnP: Device error "http://<WD Live IP>:2869/dms_descr.xml": (-2 ) Can this be the cause of the WebUI not working properly?
  15. First of all thanks for a great application. As for my whish list: I know developers unfortunately don't like Windows Phone, but having BitTorrent Sync available in that platform would be great. As for the Android App: - maybe adding integration with the Share menu. - allowing selective synching of files and folders would be useful. I mean, being able to select specific files or folders to download at any given moment. As someone has already said in this forum, phones and tablets have limited capacity, being able to select what you want to download would be great.
  16. Hi. My laptop is Windows 7, 64 bits and I'm using IE 10. The NAS OS seems to be PowerPC (ppc). To be honest I got that information from one of the forums here. I could't find the command to check the actual OS and version when in the Linux prompt. This used to work fine. It stopped working after I had to manually restart BitTorrent a couple of times after restarting the NAS and a power failure. Thanks
  17. Hi. Following the instructions from these forums, I managed to install theBitTorrent Sync in my WD My Book Live. Initially everything was running fine and the Web UI would show the folders being synched and any ongoing activity. Recently however, although the synchronization process is running, when I open the Web UI it is empty. I mean, no folders are displayed. Also, if I try to add a new folder, the "browse folder" button does not work. I found some instructions in the forums for having BitTorrent Sync automatically start with the NAS server and tried to apply them (these ones), but that didn't work. I'm wondering if I messed up something while trying to do that or when manually executing it after restarting the NAS. Do you have any idea of what may be happening? Why does the Web UI page open, but does not display any of my folders? Now I can't manage the folders being synched. Thanks a lot.