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  1. awesome, that worked just fine. Thanks for that - I was trying to overthink it, as I do! cheers Teresa
  2. Hi there, I have a synch folder that I have given out the readonly secret to a number of people, and I need to move the folders to a different location, how can I do this whilst still keeping the same readonly secret? Is it as simple as just closing down BTSynch, moving the folders to the new location, and moving the .SynchArchive folder to the new location then restarting BTSynch again? thanks Teresa
  3. Hello, my version of btsynch just automatically updated itself to 1.1.82. It is not transferring any data now and it should be. There are no error messages, just saying no transfers at the moment. Network is ok, and I can see other machines connected that say Ux.xMb so I assume they should be downloading from me. (They are readonly to my master) Should I downgrade to a working version? Can I download an older than the latest version of Bittorrent Synch (I was on 1.1.42). I just tried to install my older version on another machine and it told me there was a newer version (1.1.82) which I said No to, and it stopped the installation. Does 1.1.82 work? How do I downgrade the machine it has already upgraded? thank you. **EDIT - my bad, it must have installed in the background. I now have 1.1.48 on the other machine. Should I revert my master from 1.1.82 to the older version or does 1.1.82 work ok (on Windows XP and on Windows 8 x64) thanks Teresa
  4. Hello people. Thank you for this great product, a group of us are using it and it hasn't missed many beats for us. One thing that we have found, and that is a little bit of a show stopper for us, is that re-naming files are not handled well. Our scenario is that I have the master copy of data, and everyone else has read only access. If my files are re-named then they don't always get synched cleanly - we have had issues of some files just not being changed in the downstream systems. One or two files, this isn't a huge issue for as I could ask people to manually change them perhaps (haven't actually tried that, not sure what it would do). My bigger issue however, is that I am on a veeery slow upload speed here in Australia, and a whole bunch of files (probably about 50Gb or more, and in a whole pile of different directories) have been renamed, so it would be a very onerous task to get people to change them manually, plus, I am not going to be able to keep tabs on who can connect with the readonly access, so wouldn't be able to contact everyone and get them to change them all - it would be unfeasible. How we are planning on using BtSynch is to advertise through a website the instructions how to access the files (which are free and non-copyright material that is wished to be as widely distributed as there are people who wish to access it) and I was figuring that we would publish the ReadOnly secret there, and then not administer who has access, as potentially it could grow to lots and lots and lots. (So I was also concerned to read about the security issue earlier in this thread - but that one sailed straight over my head as I am not a techy network or security person - has this been/will be resolved?) Hope this makes sense and that I can get some resolution out of this, I have held off updating the data because of this renaming issue. cheers Teresa in Australia.