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  1. I have a large Sync-Folder that is around 4tb, used as a multi-site backup and working directory that will probably keep expanding indefinably. This folder syncs between one Linux Server, 3 WD Nas Devices, and one Windows 10 Machine. For about the last month (maybe longer), the linux server has been "indexing" and while transfers still seem to work, the same 15 files or so, keep being updated by a remote peer. the problem with this is that the remote peer shouldn't be connected. Ports and domain names have been changed, and the peer was removed from the peer list. Even with Syncing paused on the Linux server, and the Nas devices having Sync Stopped completely. This file update loop continues. In the Activity Log from the web interface it looks like this: Remote Peer updated File Linux Server Finished Syncing file. Remote Peer Finished Syncing file. Remote Peer updated File. Linux Server Finished Syncing file. Remote Peer Finished Syncing file. and just bty Remote Peer is the name given in the Activity Log, and this peer is not connected to the Linux Server..... At this point it seems to be just a some kind of update loop on the server. I'm not using the tracker, or relays. The peers are configured with predefined hosts and Read-Write Key only. This folder goes back to ....Sync 1.4 , but all clients are updated to the newest version. Is there a way to remove the database on the Linux so the sync can just re-index once and bring the other devices back into sync. The Folder has had no changes for a week or two.
  2. I just noticed, it seems PowerPC builds are no longer available? I've been running sync on an old MyBook Live PowerPC for at least two years, and now no more updates... I couldn't find anything on the forums or blog about this, any information would be helpful
  3. MyCloud is ARM, MyBook Live is PowerPC The MyCloud runs much better than the MyBook Live, and the MyBook Live Never Sleeps when btsync is running due to use of the Swap partition on the drive.
  4. From: BitTorrent Sync FAQ *unofficial* " Can I force Sync to do local network (LAN) syncing only and not sync via the Internet? Yes - simply disable the Relay, Tracker, and DHT options (these are per-folder settings). Sync will then no longer connect to any remote devices (outside your local network). " I've noticed that, even with Relay, Tracker, and DHT disabled, and only using the Search LAN option, if there is one device on the LAN that can contact the outside "swarm" it seems to exchange the peer information and try to connect to the WAN and the LAN clients. Normally this isn't an issue of course, but since connections seem to be attempted from the WAN clients, and I've noticed that WAN clients sometimes show data being uploaded directly to a "non-public" LAN client, while the "non-public" LAN client shows no downloading data from remote peers. My use case, is I have a Small NAS that acts as a local backup to my server, the server has ports forwarded, and it is public to the swarm, but the NAS doesn't have ports forwarded, and only has "Search LAN" as the Share option. Both the NAS and WAN peers show each other in their client list, but no data can come into the NAS from the WAN peers, (since the ports are not forwarded) I could just forward ports for the NAS, and allow both the Server and the NAS public access. but then the upload and download gets messy since my connection is SLOW..... I also realize that I can just set the download and upload rates in the NAS to 1kbps, (since 0 is unlimited), and since I can set the NAS to disable LAN rate limits, it should work fine, but on the PPC build of syncapp, i've noticed it seems like the "rate limit local peers" option might be ignored. Of course that could be an issue with how syncapp decides something is local, or a complication with the WD MyBookLive config, But anyway.... I guess a "Disable PEX" option would fix it, but I assumed that since "Search LAN" was the only option enabled it, that it would only connect to Local Peers. I guess the other option is a "Only Connect to Local Peers" option would work too..... Danke fur alles, und guten nacht