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  1. I have a large Sync-Folder that is around 4tb, used as a multi-site backup and working directory that will probably keep expanding indefinably. This folder syncs between one Linux Server, 3 WD Nas Devices, and one Windows 10 Machine. For about the last month (maybe longer), the linux server has been "indexing" and while transfers still seem to work, the same 15 files or so, keep being updated by a remote peer. the problem with this is that the remote peer shouldn't be connected. Ports and domain names have been changed, and the peer was removed from the peer list. Even with Syncing pau
  2. I just noticed, it seems PowerPC builds are no longer available? I've been running sync on an old MyBook Live PowerPC for at least two years, and now no more updates... I couldn't find anything on the forums or blog about this, any information would be helpful