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  1. Hi I've upgraded my older version btsync to the newest resilio sync. Now it writes "service files missing", and if i point out the folder which is at the same place as it was always, i get the message "the folder you selected is not associated with sync home, we will add...." and re index. I don't want a reindex, as it would take veeeery long time on that ARMHF CPU machine, as the folder is 1,2 terabytes size. How can i avoid this?
  2. Actually Btsync can't recognize the 50% of file movements inside a share, sometimes it detects it as "rename", but sometimes just re indexes the files, writes "added file" and "removed file" to history. The movement was done by simple ctrl-x ctrl-v.
  3. No, there is no permission problem on the external drive. Actually later when btsync finished duplicating the files, i just deleted the files with the old names, which was synced too, and deleted on both hdds. I'm using a windows 8.1 x64 machine (with the NTFS formatted external drive), and a cubieboard2 ARM device, with allwinner A20 Soc, and ubuntu 14.04 linux+ ext4 formatted hdd. The folders are connected with 1.4, both read & write permissions, only LAN sync, no encryption. The btsync version on both computers is: 2.2.7 x86, and arm version.
  4. i've disabled the logs. But what details needed? If two files have the same hash, then should be considered the same. Why do the date matters? Perhaps a switch is needed that makes btsync ignore the file timestamps.
  5. Same happens here. Months ago i synced to an external disk. Now i want to update. Nothing is changed on the external disk, yet btsync re-hashed all of its files, and wrote "updated" in history. On the other machine, there were folder name, file name changes, and some deletes, but nothing more. Now btsync transfers the files from the external disk with old folder names, and old file names, so i having a lot of identical files, except file and folder name. Why can't btsync just compare the files by content? BTW the md5 and sha1 hashes were identical, only the names, and the date was in exactly 1 hour difference (daylight saving time?).
  6. No, where can i set that? If i set the client to read only, then nothing is synced. If i set it to read & write, then starts re-indexing everthing. Which i don't want to wait for, as it would take days. Also btsync creates a lot of single character folders without files, with single char subdirectories inside the share. I've reverted to 1.4 folders from backup, and with that syncing works...
  7. I've gave it another chance, so i have the shares set on both computers, and seem to be work... the only problem is, that the files are not synced Both clients see each other, but no files are transferred... so syncing on 2.0 shares don't work at all. The client where the files should be synced, actually writes after every start that: "Finished syncing with x" but does not sync at all.
  8. So 2.0 simply just overwrote the ID of the folder, that's why that error appears, which means all of my bacups are useless, because i didn't backed up the .sync folder... whatever, it ruined my shares, and i don't want to reindex 700 gbytes of data, especially not on a slow ARM cpu...
  9. I've removed my 1.4 shares, to upgrade to 2.0 shares (of course i've made a backup from the settings and the database). First i've set the new share to be preapproved when new client connects, but even if i approved the connection, the client wrote "waiting for approval". So approvals do not work, it's OK, i don't need it. So i've disabled the approve requirement, and tried again... but the client still writes "waiting for approval" while it isn't needed. Then i said ok, i've just restore to 1.4 database, so restored everything that is related to btsync, but that isn't worked, as the client pc (slow arm pc) started to reindex everything, and ignore the old database. On the windows PC i've also restored everything, but it writes "cannot identify the destination folder", which means that btsync stores some data in somewhere else, not on my computer! So i'm gonna stop using btsync, not just because they released the heavily bugged 2.0 without proper testing, but because btsync 2.0 is communicating and storing data on an external server, which means it's not secure anymore.
  10. I don't have config file, never had. Where should i create it, how can i load it, what should be in it? Ok, i've did it... but now i need to start with this config every time to have access to web ui?
  11. Hi I've just updated btsync from 1.4 to 2.0 my windows pc, and my headless ARM linux computer. The syncing works, but i can't access the web interface of the ARM computer's btsync. from my windows PC, as it rejects the connection. I've logged in to linux computer with SSH and listed the listening services with netstat, and i see that now btsync is listening only on localhost. Of course the settings file is not human readable so i can't change it, and as the linux computer does not have browser (nor GUI), now i've can i access the settings, or how can i make btsync to listen not just on localhost?
  12. Error: "Last Updated: Liquid error: undefined method `in_time_zone' for nil:NilClass"
  13. It would be nice if btsync would be able to copy the symbolic and hardlinks as they are, and not just as a normal file as it does now. If the source and the target of the links are in same share, then create the same link structure on all synced computers (or at least on desktop OS). If not, then do as now, sync as a normal file.
  14. It would be nice if BTsync would reproduct the symlinks hard links too. Currently it just copies the hard linked files as a normal file, and ignores symlinks.
  15. I have a NAS with ARM cpu and linux, and about 800 gbytes of data that need to be synced. Withe the ARM cpu it would take days to btsync complete the indexing. In past version i've just indexed all on my x86 quad core windows PC, then converted the backslashes to slashes in database files, then moved these on the NAS, so btsync accepted this database, and no need to re index everything. But now with the newest version this don't works(and the new version makes a new database). And no any progress indication. Should i roll back?
  16. There is move in BTSync but it's very instable. If you move something, btsync will recognize it as remove and add. If the sync runs realtime, then there is some time difference between the realization remove and add, so btsync doesn't recognize this as move, but a seperate delete THEN an add. This would be fixed if btsync would wait if it checked every changes, THEN start to do the transfer. But until it isn't fixed by developers, i do this: i don't let btsync connect to other machines(i kill btsync process on the other PC), just when it's finished all indexing, and recognized all of the changes, then start btsync on other pc.
  17. I have the same, however no file transfer happening when all in sync, just writes always the 78 gbytes need to be uploaded
  18. Yes it's possible, also to transfer the databases, so no need for re index again. Just note that if you try this between linux and windows, the path seperators are different (slash and backslash), so you may need to convert these in the sync database, which is a plain and simple sqlite db.
  19. Why do you need TCP? Is it faster or needs less CPU?
  20. The moving is not working, just sometimes. I move a files inside a sychronized, and btsync starts to upload the full files again, instead of moving. Sometimes i move 6 files, 1 of these is re-uploaded, other 5 gets moved correctly. Totally random when it works or not. (probably because the "removal" of the file and the "new" file noticed by btsync at different times)
  21. I've just done a kinda local sync today. Just make sure that your paths are the same relative to the syncing root. I've done this: I have a quad core X86 windows PC with my data, i have an ARM small pc, used for NAS/dlna/etc, and secondary mirrored storage of the data from the pc), with linux. That ARM pc have much slower CPU than the x86, so it would take days for btsync to index all. Because of the data itself was synced more or less before (by attaching the HDD of the arm pc to the "big" pc), i've indexed the data on the windows pc, then searched for the btsync database, (users\username\roaming\bittorrent sync) then i've opened the database with an sqlite database editor, and ran update files set path = replace(path, '\', '/'); query to convert the windows style path separators ( \ backslash) to normal path separators ( / slash), then just copied the db file to the linux pc btsync folder, started btsync, and all of the files were indexed However it would be better if btsync would use platform independent path separators in database, so no need for replacing the path separators.
  22. Hi I've just tried btsync on a folder where are files, and symbolic links for these files in subfolders. It seems btsync doesn't copies the links as links, but as 0 byte simple files (symlinks), and full files (hard links). Is it possible to implement the reproduction of the links in btsync when syncronizing? (between platforms(windows-linux) too).
  23. I cannot confirm fukawi's intructions, because those are not works.