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  1. Is it possible to get a time frame?
  2. Since it's in our importance if we are going to start using BitTorrent Sync, the user needs to be able to have it acknowledged if the image(s) reached the server. Is this feature going to be implemented in a forthcoming iOS app?
  3. We are testing the iOS app to sync to our central server. With the data/WiFi turned off we took a new picture. We had in mind that the green marker indicates that the file has been uploaded and reached the server. The file got a green marker, although with data/WiFi turned off, it is not possible to sync the file. So we are wondering how can the user get a clear indication that the file has been uploaded to the server, (in case the user wants to remove the image(s)). Another thing, an image I have selected, not uploaded to the server, and then cancelled the image in the iOS app, there is no way of removing that image name. It will just stay there forever.
  4. We are setting up a sync server for our photographers to sync their photos to our server. According to the FAQ we will be at risk losing old images just because a new image with the same filename will be uploaded. How can we prevent files to be overwritten on our server? Is there a way to prevent that in the conf file, write a script or by setting up a file permission in Linux? "What if files with same names are added from different computers? We give human action first priority and always consider it right. That's why if several files with the same name are added on different devices, BitTorrent Sync will synchronize the file that was the latest added to BitTorrent Sync even if it is not the newest version of the file itself. Previously added files will be deleted, but you can find them in .SyncTrash (if enabled in folder preferences)."