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  1. Optimistically, I'd assume (note the italics) that the existing feature set and limits (10^6 files total/BTS instance) would continue to be free. However, users who need Enterprise IT file replication and more granular folder access control would need the Pro version. If they start charging for the existing free feature set I'd have to move to SyncThing, as I've moved from Windows Live Mesh (deprecated/shut down) -> Cubby ($90/year for previously free features) -> BitTorrent Sync (???) in the past. EDIT: It appears GreatMarko has answered our questions http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/32601-what-to-expect-next-from-sync/#entry95035
  2. Can we get a Free vs. Pro version feature list? I didn't get a clear idea of which features would be in which version(s) from the blog post.
  3. Problem fixed in the 1.4.93 build. I'd been using TeamViewer to remotely log in to the PC I was having the issues on, and only just realized that sometimes TeamViewer doesn't render remote browser windows correctly. When I logged into the PC directly after the latest update I saw that there was no issue. Thanks all for your help and keep up the good work BT Team
  4. Already did that. I've PMed you the link to the Zendesk support request, let me know if you got it. Thanks!
  5. AFAIK they're working on an enterprise version, which hopefully/presumably would have this feature. This happens in Firefox too, actually. What you're observing is the browser doing exactly what the MS login page tells it to.
  6. Same problem here on fully patched Windows 8.1 x64 running IE 11. I've already tried the Registry .css fix (actually I already had the necessary entry) and deleting my settings.dat and settings.old.dat files. None of the above work. Any ideas? PS: Also, you guys are doing a good job and all, but could we have a lil more QA on BT's side? I'm dead scared of updates since 1.4 because about 1 in 3 of them absolutely hose core functionality. I can understand folder sharing being wonky, but dead UIs and hosed syncing (both of which I've experienced in various builds since 1.4) are like having a car that won't drive.
  7. Nvm, I just realized you can delete the files using any 1st party file management app that shipped with the device, e.g. My Files on Samsung devices.
  8. +1 on the progress indicator idea. Even a percentage indicator would suffice as well. It's really tough - especially when syncing between mobile and desktop devices - to tell how far along a sync is and how much longer it might take to complete.
  9. I think by now most KitKat BitTorrent Sync (BTS) users are aware of the OS preventing apps from modifying files or folders on SD cards that don't specifically belong to them. Because the BTS Android app lacks file management features, it's pretty much impossible to modify any its SD card folder from the (non-rooted) Android device itself, as file managers don't have necessary permissions. Therefore, I'm requesting that deletion or at least basic file management features be added to BTS.
  10. This seems to have been fixed in the latest release. Thanks guys!
  11. I just noticed this myself. I think I'll switch back to Cubby - which doesn't have this issue - until it's resolved.