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  1. Is there anyone out there who has any idea about this issue? Surely someone else has come across this problem, or am I missing something?
  2. Is it my imagination, or is BitTorrent Sync sending the same file-chunks multiple times to different computers in a cluster? I've started trying to use BitTorrent Sync as an alternative to for a number of big-ish (10GB) folders. I'm synching between 3x Linux computers. Two of the computers have fast internet connections, but the computer from-which I'm uploading the big content has a SLOW internet connection. I've been monitoring the upload rate on the slow-computer and it's sitting pretty-consistently at around 15kB/sec. I've also been monitoring rates on the other two computers and they are both sitting around 7kB/sec download - with the upload-rate on both of these computers almost-always sitting on 0kB/sec. The content seems to be taking twice-as-long to upload than what I expected. It seems as if the computer with the slow connection is having-to-do all the hard work of uploading the content twice - once to each of the other servers - rather-than them doing any file-sharing between themselves over their fast connections. From what I had heard of BitTorrent technology I thought that the slow computer would have sent different chunks of each file to each of the two other computers, and that they would have shared the chunks between themselves over their fast connections - rather than requiring the slow computer to send each chunk to both of them. Can anyone please enlighten me on this matter? If a computer behind a slow-internet-connection has to always send it's uploads to multiple computers than this is probably a show-stopper for what I'm trying to achieve. Regards, Michael