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  1. I can confirm that BTSync works on my Thecus N5550 NAS and pretty much all Thecus NASes. As per this discussion thread at Thecus, BTSync for Thecus works on all 32- and 64-bit Thecus products. Click on the link to get the D/L link for the Thecus-specific version.
  2. Hmm, it's not working: it got through the indexing, then it created a whack of folders in the ix4's BTSync folder, it transfered about 24MB of files, then it stopped. Could it be because I don't have a port open for the ix4 on my router? I'm only syncing folders on the LAN for now (I've unchecked Use Relay Server and Use Tracker Server). I'll have to investigate and report back. I can report something odd: if I log onto BTSync on the ix4 (via my-ip:8888/gui/en/index.html), then click on Folder Preferences, the tabs are reversed (see below): the General tab shows 'Advanced' settings and the General tab shows the 'Secret' fields. The reverse of how it behaves/appears on the PC. BTSync on the ix4 is version 1.1.70. Edited to add: I'm giving up on the ix4-300d - it's a very disappointing NAS. I've ordered a Thecus N5550 - the company is a lot more hacker-friendly, and per their forum, BTSync works on it - see their third Party Modules discussion topic. Once I can confirm it works, I'll report back. (It works! See my post later on.)
  3. I can confirm that It works with the ix4-300d. It's running on mine. See the next post. Right now, I'm torture-testing it with a 74,000 files, 176GB sync (ver 1.1.82 running on Win7-64, and 1.1.70 on the ix4). It stalled the first time I tried it; likely because I did something wrong. I deleted both sync-folder entries (on the NAS and on my PC) then created a new sync folder entry on my PC's BTSync (so it's the Master), then on the NAS (pasting in the Secret key). It's now indexing as expected. Jovik's clear instructions worked perfectly. It needs to be noted, however, that simply enabling SSH access to the ix4-300d will void your warranty - this is per Lenovo (even if the problem is that the power supply blew up because of a bad capacitor, I suppose). So make sure your ix4 is all working fine before you go poking in there. Bonus: the BTSync folders are stored in non-public-facing folders and are thus invisible to the (created via the EMC 'Shares' utility) 'normal' browseable shared folders. It's also good to know that you can disable the EMC/Easyshare's annoying/rude "I'll map that Share to a drive letter of MY choice" feature by right-clicking on the EMC icon in the System Tray and unchecking 'Map Drive Letters'.
  4. TrueCrypt will do the job. If you create a, say, 100GB container, the entire container isn't rewritten when you update one byte on one file. Just a small section of the container file (in this case 64KB, if memory serves). Truecrypt is superb software. (And, if I may be allowed a dig, they release all of their encryption specs. Heck, they even release the source code....)