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  1. On my Zyxel NAS (NSA320) i went to "./usr/local/zy-pkgs/var/" and removed btsync folder, then ./usr/local/zy-pkgs/etc/init.d/btsync shutdown ./usr/local/zy-pkgs/etc/init.d/btsync startup then go to your browser and configure you btsync. this helped me to resolve WebGUI problem after update
  2. hi, its RAIDiator x86 os, some kind of linux mambo-jambo, i don't know, i manage to install it, but its run with root privilege and don't start on restart of nas. so i suppose i need to ad some scripts and i suppose i need to add btsync user, and put in my usergroup, so i could read/edit file synced with btsync
  3. hello, i have Netgear readynas pro (x86 - RAIDiator firmware) and i'm wondering if there a btsync for it ? for others readynas i can find it, but not for pro version thanks
  4. personal Sync-server (on local -LAN-WAN) without internet.
  5. like other, in testing mode my Nas is my btsync server, used to sync my phone, pc & laptop from work. so nothing special nex step, some kind of backup system
  6. Greate news. After updating btsync to 1.1.82, on my Zyxel NSA320, everithing works greate. i think i had sync issues because an old version 1.0.134. -- Update procedure: just downloaded new verion from official website, after unTar an replace current btsync file (in /usr/local/zy-pkgs/bin ) by new one, chmod 775. hope the creator of offial package will update it too
  7. i can't sync my nas. i setup (NAS->PC->android) then (PC->NAS-Android) .... android && pc works greate together. but NAS don't see them and when i have only NAS+Android (no online devices).. what do i need to do ? i changed Router port forwarding, but i'm in local.. so normaly i don't need it.
  8. After changing port number, 8888 to 8080 .. can acces GUI, but i can't make Sync my NAS (nsa320) with PC, and mobile..? who need to setup sync folder first ..?
  9. hello, i have installed btsync package, on my Zyxel NSA320 from (internal package manager) and i can't acces to gui page, then in info-page i saw my CPU=100% loaded, top command showed btsync use +/- 95-98%CPU ..... anyone hase the same problem ? Edit---------- sorry ... didn't saw the previus posts about zyxel.... i'll try to change the port