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  1. ah, you don't own a NAS. Thought so :-) thanks for trying to help anyway.
  2. Where do i find that option? it's not under preferences (next to Add folder) under the tab settings or tab Authorization.. and not in the preferences > general tab or Advanced tab for each folder seperately. edit: another guy asked the same question like me :-) source:
  3. i found out by reading / checkeding this page What stops my Synology NAS entering System Hibernation? Then i stopped 'Bittorrent Sync'. NAS went asleep after then minutes. Switched BTS on again. No sleaping anymore. I've did this test three times. furthermore i have only 4 standaard Synology packages installed. See > screenshot.
  4. Hi, i'm new here. Installed version 1.1.70-1 yesterday on my Synology DS413. Syncing works fine, but it's preventing this NAS from sleep mode as well. :-(