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  1. Again, the bug is still present:
  2. I'm using ios 8 now (on iPhone 4s with newest Bittorrent Sync). The camera backup doesn't work anymore. BT Sync won't connect to the peers. Other shares do work on my phone.
  3. I'm using Bittorrent Sync on an iPhone 4s with iOS 8. I have 4 shares on my phone. When I try to access the contextmenu (menu with "Share", "Auto-sync" etc.) for one of the shares (pressing the grey triangle next to the share name), I always get the contextmenu for the first (top) share. That's really annoying when you try to remove the last share in which case you have to remove all the other shares first! The contextmenu always appears at the same place: right under the first share. A little offtopic: I like the concept of Bittorrent Sync very much. I liked the simple application really until the current version. 1.4 introduced a lot of mess in the UI and unstable applications on both ios and osx. I hope everything works out in the next versions.
  4. Same problem here. If it is the localization then there are probably no entries for Dutch either..
  5. I've found a solution for this problem. Instead of using the toggle to enable the camera backup, try to tab the folder icon on the same row (in front of the toggle switch). The app shows a (in 1.4) new screen where you can enable the camera backup. Everything works fine for me now. One disadvantage: now I have a new key for my iPhone backup so I have to enter the new key on all my devices.
  6. I'm using the iPhone app primarily for the photo/movie backup. Please fix this soon!!!
  7. Same problem here (except the phone, I have a 4s). Very annoying.
  8. Hi denis4inet, Thank you for your response. I've tried your suggestion with no succes. I don't see any message. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next version as you say.
  9. I've installed Btsync on my Raspberry Pi ( and it works for some shares. I can use only 5 of my 10 Btsync shared folders. Btsync sees all the other devices, but only displays: 0 B in 0 filesand Synced on 05/23/2014 13:13:53while it never synced at all. I tried to re-add the folders en tried to use the read-only and write keys. With no succes. In the clientside logs (on my Mac), I see no strange entries. In the logs on my Pi I see the following message appear: Merge: failed to verify group signature of files message, abortingThe shares that don't work on my Pi, work fine on other devices (Other mac, Android tablet and iPhone) and contain files. I'm using version 1.2.67 on my Pi and 1.3.94 on my Mac.
  10. I've mentioned this before in the other (wrong) Wishlist topic. Like Clouds said: The ability to generate new secrets on the mobile client. In that case, you can start shared folder on your mobile (at a party for example) and add it later to your desktop pc.
  11. For the iOs/Android app: Option to create a key on the device instead of always using one from a desktop computer. In that case I can create a shared folder on my phone. It's already possible to create a QR code. I would like to know the key of that QR code
  12. I've tried BTSync on a Synology DS112j and it doesn't work. The nas is underpowered I think. I can't open the webinterface let alone add a key. When I start BTSync, I can't access the shares on the NAS from my PC.
  13. Mega doesn't need to create a desktop application if they support BT Sync. It can be useful in some cases to have some sort of "cloud". In those cases you can add your sync key to a directory in Mega. Maybe Kim will apply for the BT Sync API
  14. There is a social network similar to Vole: It uses Dropbox instead of Bittorrent Sync for distribution.
  15. This is a great extention to BT Sync. Hope you continue good work!
  16. Great idea. Little quiet still.... My key: B342A7WHN6QO2T2IM46XMOOJ2ZQAHVH4T
  17. I tried BT Sync on my Synology DS112j with no success. I used the repository and installed the package. As soon as I execute the application, my whole NAS grinds to a halt. The network shares, the DSM web interface and all other applications stop working or become very slow. I can see the BT Sync webinterface, but it doesn't work. I can't click the buttons etc. Edit: I own a DS112j. Not a DS211j...