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  1. Actually, I have spent *more* time trying to fix it than I did writing that message above. If I am missing something, tell me. 1: How do I remove folders, not disconnect, REMOVE them from BTSync2. Both legacy 1.4 folders and newer 2.0 style folders. 2: How can I move a folder from the default install location to where it should be? Those were trivial in 1.4, I can't find a way to do it in 2.0. And claiming that I am not putting in the effort without doing any critical thinking is not only supremely presumptuous and wrong, it is the height of arrogance. Doubly so when you don't explain where I am wrong. Finally, the point here isn't that it isn't fixable. The point is that on an upgrade the defaults should not be set to break existing installs in a manner that takes far more effort to fix than it did to set up in the first place under the old software! Actually, let me show you how it's done since I actually found it. "Greyed, you can remove folders. Unfortunately the people who made BTSync2's UI decided to have the window too small to see all the options. Once you disconnect a folder you cannot right click on it to alter its options, namely to reconnect it. However there is a button to the right of the folder list. You need to either use the scrollbar at the bottom or enlarge the window to see that button. Remove is also there. Finally, none of these show up unless you are mousing over the folder." See the difference. What you did was rude. The above explains exactly what I was missing and where to find it. Gee wonder which one of us has actually spent time on a support desk.
  2. Actually, I'm not. First, we have to be aware of that option and turn it off before even knowing it is going to create a problem. Second, how do we remove established folders so we can do it right once we figured out there is a problem? Let's see, right click on folders in BTSync2, nope, nothing there to remove folders. I can disconnect them but that's it, no removing them. So I get to clutter up my ID with those disconnected folders. SWEET! Third, how do we move a folder that was created in the wrong location. One of the major uses I had for BTSync was to keep my local Thunderbird archives synced between machines. In case you're not familiar with Thunderbird it does kind of prefer to have its profile in the directory it created. Under BTSync1 I added the folder on the first machine, went to the second machine, entered the key, pointed it to the correct directory for TBird to find, done. Fast forward to updating to BTSync2. I was told that syncing was faster on the BTSync2 folders. OK, great! Disconnect Thunderbird classic folder (which I can't remove, see point 2), created sync in the same folder and it is added to my ID. Awesome! Fire up second machine and, whoops, it is in my default folder because of the always on option (see point 1). So now my second machine is not syncing to the right location. Simple, uncheck the option, remove the fold... OHHHHHHHH, can't do that! I could point it to the proper folder but... nope, can't do that either. So now, thanks to the default option I cannot use the *ONE* major thing I want to use BTSync2 for. If you don't see this as a major regression and a huge problem with how the defaults are set, then I so dearly hope you do not design the user experience for any product I have to use.
  3. I call shenanigans. If that is the point then why does the new UI depend on IE instead of just a browser in general. Right now 1.4 is USELESS on the one machine I naively upgraded because the default browser on that machine is Chome. So I open the UI and am greeted with a nice grey screen. Given that IE kind of doesn't exist on Linux, Mac or Chrome (Firefox OS... uh... what?) then this new UI is also useless on those as well. I'd be fine if it worked in any browser. Not ecstatic, but fine. I've had to deal with the web interface on my many Linux boxen for quite a while now. But to flat out tell me what is apparently ain't so just urks me off.
  4. Android BTSync on my Droid 4 & ASUS Transformer pointed at the directory where pictures are saved. It is synced with a folder on my desktop. Snap a picture anywhere where there is wifi or cell service, it is synced with my desktop shortly thereafter.