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  1. NAS: Synology DS1812+ DSM: 4.3-3776-2 Connection: Gigabit LAN I've installed the BT Sync package via the package manager. I'm currently testing it out between my computer and NAS. And it all seems to work, except the NAS doesn't detect new files automatically, it only detects and syncs on the predefined 10 minute interval. (ex. If I add an empty text file, it can take up to 10 minutes before it even shows in the Web GUI). The PC syncs files to the NAS (not from) ~20 seconds after creation. (These files are then immediately visible in the BT Sync Web GUI on the NAS). Isn't the NAS supposed to detect and sync new and changed files the same way the PC does? If so, any ideas how to fix this? If not, how can I make the NAS folder rescan interval shorter (I haven't found any option in the Web GUI nor any config file on the NAS)? Thanks