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  1. Does anyone know if it is possible to set sync_trash_ttl to "never delete". I have a working setup, and I do not want to try to set the value to 0, hoping that this would to the trick. If I am wrong I might delete the synctrash folder content. I went through the manual and did not find any documentation on this.
  2. Thank you, Maybe I am not doing it right. The thing is that I am using a client A where I work with my pictures. I do backup to server B. Because of the limited HD capacity on my client A, I want to delete older files here. When I do this the same files will be deleted on B. I tried using the read only secret on from A on my server B, but this does not help.
  3. I see - together with many others - Bittorent Sync as a simple to use backup alternative. However, there is one feature which makes it not very suitable; The problem is that if you accidentally delete a file, this error will be copied to other locations. (I know there is the SyncTash, but this will just destroy the data structure, making it very difficult to search data at a later stage) If have not been able to see how to overcome this issue, therefore I would like to add this to wishlist for upcoming features. I see, a similar post has been listed, but it is not obvious if this particular request is noted.