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  1. I am also continuing with 1.3. May be I am stupid as hell but everytime some software decides to make UI change to make it more "intuitive" .. doing pretty much anything on these softwares becomes exponentially difficult for me. So these days I just wait with older versions as long as I can...
  2. Is it similar to request for full path display? Or atleast the full path would most likely address the issue:
  3. I am unable to locate a pause button/option in Linux web-gui. Windows build has a pause option on right click on system tray. It would be very useful to have pause as an option, especially when one is running some data-processing in a synced folder and wants to pause the syncing process while data-processing is going on.
  4. +1 for full path. Is it very difficult to make full/short path an option in the settings or somewhere? That would make eveyone happy.
  5. Thanks RomanZ. That explained it. Is there any reason why custom secrets are not recommended anymore?
  6. I am interested in generating my own secrets, however it is not clear (at least to me) that what are the set of rules for a valid secret which would be accepted by the software. Some discussions (links below) give some insight but still there are confusions about valid set of character, length etc. For an example, I have never seen a secret generated by the software which has + or / or a lower case character (but base64 can have these characters). Are the set of rules documented anywhere? Also, is full-access secret related to read-only secret in any logical way (i.e. given a valid full-access secret, can one generate corresponding read-only secret)?
  7. Here is my own experience with similar setup, which seems to be working perfectly. I have an unrooted Nexus 4 and I have synced the camera roll to my laptop and desktop using bittorrent sync. The phone is using version and the desktops are using version 1.2.92. It is a 2-way sync and so when I delete photos from synced folder on desktop those are also deleted from phone. Very convenient . The camera roll directory on phone is: /sdcard/DCIMNote that even though the directory is called sdcard, there is no SD card slot in Nexus 4. And I know for sure that non-root users has write permission in /sdcard/DCIM on my phone.
  8. I can also reproduce above mentioned issues on Linux build 1.2.92 . It will be great if we can get some feedback about it from devs..
  9. I totally agree to this. I also reverted back to web UI and this was one of the reasons. Also the config file seems to be ignored for few settings.
  10. I am definetly experiencing this problem. It works fine whenever I open the app mysel, otherwise it just keeps sleeping. I am using Nexus 4 and, I think, I sometimes close all apps using multitasking button in bottom-right corner. Can that be the reason?
  11. Wow! Thats insane! The suggested workaround may work (I have not tried it yet), but I feel that it should be an option to see those settings/secret in an easier way. Can this be a part of requested features? [update] OK. I just tried it and it works... well sort of. It not a very "user-friendly" method. Following is an example of what one would after opening that txt file (for obvious reason, I have replaced sensitive information by some characters). Notice the text "HERE_GOES_THE_SECRET" in the line below. d10:.fileguard40:##$$@@##$$%%##$$%%#@@##$$@@##$$$$7:version6:1.2.736:device18:Nexus 47:foldersld4:path31:/storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera6:secret33:HERE_GOES_THE_SECRET15:stopped_by_useri0e7:use_dhti0e17:use_lan_broadcasti1e9:use_relayi1e11:use_trackeri1e15:use_known_hostsi0e11:known_hostsle5:peersld2:id20:\##\##\##\##;]\##\##\##\##\##%\##\## \######:last_sync_completedi##########eee7:invitesle7:fc_typei0e15:delete_to_trashi0e14:selective_synci0e9:overwritei0e22:mutex_file_initializedi1eed4:
  12. Any updates on this? I have been facing same situtation.