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  1. Hi, Just build the packages for OpenSUSE 13.1 32 & 64 bits; yast users can use the repository located at I can set automated builds for fedora, red-hat, centos, SLES, SLED and other versions of OpenSUSE The main web page for the package is located at
  2. Hi, Any plans on this? Are you planning to use a regula gettext() method or any other?
  3. Hi, Well, I have a large experience with rpm packages and I can help with the processing if you want. As far I knw btsync is a closed source application am I right? The normal configure/make install will not work in this case and it can cause some dependence errors when packaging to diferent distributions/architectures. By the way: In my opinion the easy way to create packages for many distros is Suse Build Service ( ), I use it for my public packages (for example pw3270 )