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  1. Solved. Turned out that my SD card was broken (literary, a fragment of the plastic cover was broken which was causing the I/O of the cardreader to go nuts. Please mark this as solved.
  2. Hey. I'm syncing Camera folder from my Oneplus One phone (great phone btw!) between my laptop, desktop and Rpi with NAS network drive. First two work without any problems (my oneplus photos&vids appear both on laptop and desktop), but when pasting the key to Rpi's sync via webpanel, I'm getting the "pending approval" message, but notification doesnt appear on my oneplus one phone. Versions of Sync: Oneplus one = Windows machines: 1.4.103 beta Rpi = 1.4.93 beta Thanks for any suggestions Qlex
  3. Hey, I have a running instance of btsync on my Rpi. From a couple of days, eventhough app has its PID and is running as service (btsync script in /etc/init.d), i cannot access its web interface on the local network - i.e. ip_of_rpi:8888/gui. What could be wrong? I tried installing btsync again (with a new user) but the same thing happens. I'm getting Page cannot the opened standard error on my browser. Thanks for any hints, Qlex
  4. Hey, i think i might have done it incorrectly and therefore the result is different than expected. as said in topic, I need to have same files on my work laptop and my home desktop. What i did: 1. created a dir on work laptop and saved files in it 2. clicked "Add a sync folder", generated secret and set "folder to sync". 3. clicked "show folder preferences" and sent myself "full access key" 4. on home pc, i clicked "Add a sync folder", pasted in the key and set even the same folder directory. nothing happend and i expected to see the files from my work laptop. i did the same with a couple of other folders where i usually store standard files (docx, excels, html pages etc). there's two exceptions, where i try to sync firefox and pidgin im profile files (to sync firefox bookmarks and pidgin message log) - in this case i try to remember to close pidgin, leave work laptop running (i remember somebody mentioning that btsync cannot sync a folder when its being used by pidgin which is running). can any1 tell me if i did something wrong? Regards, qlex
  5. Hey. BTSync seems to suit my purpose of syncing folders on two computers (one at home, one at work) well. One of the folders is causing problems. Pidgin (instant messenger) stores logs of discussions in a folder that im sharing between two computers. the secred code is the same on both machines, the directory to share is similar (C:\users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\.purple) but username obviously is different on both machines. Returned home and i expected to see the log of chat that i held at work - but didn't. Any hints ? Regards, Qlex