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  1. After a longer hiatus in version bumps, 1.2.82 is now available for Gentoo - the ebuild is in the chymeric overlay.
  2. Yup, I paid that thread a visit. The ebuild is not yet in the main portage tree (maybe the Gentoo devs have an issue with it being closed source?), but you can still get it from my overlay!
  3. Yeah, I am also quite distraught at the limiting effect of iOS on BTSync - I mean seriously, I can't add, delete or even do basic edits to text files? What else am I supposed to do with the app :-/ +1 for adding at least a text editor Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Hey there, I also wrote an ebuild for Btsync - concentrating on getting systemd support right. My build has some attempted init.d support in it, but as I do not use init.d on any of my machines, I have no idea whether it works. I will try to follow your example to ensure that my ebuild properly supports init.d. You could also pull from me for systemd support. My ebuild is here, and I also wrote this nice tutorial/description for how my ebuild deals with systemd.
  5. Hi, I just finished writing an ebuild with full SystemD suppirt for Btsync. You may find the files here. Also, you can find a walkthrough and documentation on how it all works here. The ebuild also contains an attempt at init.d/udev support which I have neither written myself nor tested. If you could give me any feedback on that (preferably on the website with the tutorial) that would be awesome!
  6. Yep, +1 on this. There is way too little documenation on Btsync available. Tried to do a proper GNU/Linux package for this, but I ended up having to go windows-style and put everything in an /opt/ subdirectory because I just don't get how it works 0.o.