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  1. IS there a limit to the number of files / or subdirectories that can be synced. I am trying to sync 1 way using the read only secret from the source machine on the target machine. Sync seems to work well on the surface, but there are many subdirectories which don't get picked up...and of course the within don't sync either...
  2. Is there a limit to the number of sub-directories and or files in a directory that will Sync? I am unable to get a complete sync between to machines and the problem "symptom" is that the full list of subdirectories never gets created on the target machine...
  3. Spent a little time with it it's working...This is a super cheap solution for getting files off-site
  4. Did not get it working yet....but the whole thing got interrupted for a few weeks due to a work project. Gonna put some time into it this week.
  5. Got the $7 deal at Backupsy btsyn running and configured, shows a connection to my testing device...but nothing flows. Are there any firewall or port rules or other config elements when using backupsy that I've missed. Thanks in advance for the reply...