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  1. Just curious - do you use any IP blocking software?
  2. Hi. I'm using Windows XP SP3. I'm using (BitTorrent) Sync 1.3.109. I believe this is the last version with XP support. I'm syncing to many folders from the laptop to 2 devices - a tablet and a phone both running Android with both also running Resilio Sync 2.6.3. (Incidentally, 2.6.3 isn't the problem as this has been happening for months but is now irritating me). Everything is syncing wonderfully... apart from a single file which continually shows the following: It is a text document containing 9 lines of text and is 572 bytes in size. The file called Magnet.txt DOES sync and any slight changes made to it are reflected on the tablet and phone, yet it never appears to finish. If I swap it out for a blank, 0 bytes New Text Document file, it completes! If I type a single letter into the text file (i.e. A) and save, it also completes! What could be the problem with my 9 line document. It consists of multiple: letters numbers . : \ Thanks.
  3. Update: So without doing anything at all, not even an un-install & re-install, the Samsung phone has right this minute decided, after almost 6 days, to connect to my laptop. Unbelievable. But at least it's now connected back again.
  4. Hello. Both the Nexus 7 (a tablet) and the Samsung (mobile phone) are running the same version 2.5.2 (6891). Apart from the folder locations for the files to be Synced to, all Settings and Advanced (settings) on those 2 devices are set identical. Listening ports are different, but I haven't altered them. Resilio Sync must have set them(?). As regards to the update process, all I can say is I get a notification icon letting me know there's updates to installed programs. I always grant any permissions that are needed. The Thursday before I made my post, everything had synced (and has done since Dec 25th when I got the phone). I updated all apps that needed updating on the phone. When that had completed, I turned the phone off. The next day (Friday) is when Syncing failed and I saw the Peers: 0 status on the Samsung phone. Regardless of the folders being shared etc., the problem is that the Samsung shows no peers after I updated to latest version. Should I try un-installing and re-installing the app?
  5. I'm running BitTorrent Sync 1.3.109 on Windows XP laptop & Resilio Sync 2.5.2 (6891) on both Nexus 7 tablet and Samsung Mobile phone. The laptop is the main machine. The other 2 devices are purely for receiving files from the laptop. I've been syncing files between all devices for many months right up until yesterday. The laptop & Nexus 7 are still connected fine. But today when I switched Samsung phone on to start syncing, nothing happens. I then saw Peers: 0 on the Sync interface on Samsung phone. Nexus 7 still shows Peers: 1 (and syncs with laptop). Up until yesterday, Peers: 2 was showing on both devices as everything was working fine. All devices "saw" each other. I've not altered any network settings at all on any of my 3 devices. Everything is default. I've rebooted the router, laptop, Nexus 7 tablet & Samsung phone, yet Samsung phone just shows Peers: 0. Is this something to do with version 2.5.2 on my Samsung phone? Resilio Sync was working until I allowed an update of the app. Thanks.