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  1. tuxpoldo: Would you mind testing the functionality of syncing a mounted NAS share with your installation of btsync on Linux?? On Win7, I have synced directories using both "mapped network drives" and the actual NAS network path for well over a year, syncing TBs worth of data without issue with btsync. However, IMHO, Win7 is too unreliable and occasionally needs a reboot. I really want to migrate to a Debian box dedicated to running btsync that uses my NAS as the sync media. Martin
  2. Osiris: Have you managed to successfully add your mounted directory as a btsync-gui "folder"? I've been able to add local directories without issue, but when adding a mounted directory named in etc/fstab mapped to a NAS network share, I get the same permissions error - even after chmod 777 the directory. The path is fine, as I have rw access to files in the mounted NAS directory, but btsync-gui still displays the permission error. Martin
  3. I've managed to mkdir /home/martin/testbtsync and then add that "folder" in btsync and then successfully sync that directory on the local Debian box to a Windows box without issues. Edits on both machines appear on the other nearly instantly. The problem is when I attempt to add a directory created on the NAS, even though I have that directory permanently mounted via /etc/fstab ( /media/testmbsync ) and issued chmod 777 -R /media/testmbsync I still get the error "BitTorrent Sync Don't have permissions to write to the selected folder." So at this point I know it is not a BitTorrent Sync issue, rather permissions issue with BitTorrent Sync being able to write to the mounted NAS directory /media/testmbsync I will continue experimenting...
  4. Greetings Forum: At first, thank you to all working on btsync Linux projects and forum posts. I am migrating from a Win environment (dedicated only to running btsync) to the most recent version of Debian. As a new Debian user I have benefited and learned greatly from the very accurate and detailed posts from tuxpoldo, etc. in this forum - excellent work - thank you for sharing your knowledge. After installation of btsync-gui, I 'Open BitTorrent Sync...' from the applet on the desktop, click "Add", choose my directory, enter the secret, and continue to receive the following error: BitTorrent Sync Don't have permissions to write to the selected folder." The directory I am choosing is mounted via /etc/fstab hosted by my QNAP NAS. I know I have read/write access to the directory as root, as I can gedit a new file/edit-save in the same directory as root and verified the changes from another Win machine on the network. However, when I gedit as my user "martin" I get a similar error message from gedit: "You do not have the permissions necessary to save the file." So I realize permissions are not set correctly for me to take ownership of the directory via my user login "martin" Would anybody be so kind as to guide me in correcting this issue? I appreciate your patience. Martin
  5. Greetings Forum Members: I have been using BitTorrent Sync for well over a year now. I have a dedicated Win 7 x64 laptop running v1.4.75. Various other clients sync various directories (Terabytes worth) regularly without issue. Recently, I upgraded to v1.4.72 on the laptop - and everything was fine. I have been using BitTorrent Sync on my rooted KitKat Note 3 - to give me full r/w access to the SD card - to sync a few directories containing mostly txt files I edit regularly.,. . My trouble started when I upgraded my android version of BitTorrent Sync to v1.4.38.0 and attempted to sync my DCIM directory as well. I had to "approve" the emailed request on my android - otherwise the client on the laptop wold continuously show "Pending"... After I clicked "approve" on the phone, BitTorrent Sync *on the latop* continuously crashes on startup. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing - no change. I also tried an earlier version - no change - it still crashes. Interestingly enough, I have BitTorrent Sync v1.4.72 running on 2 other computers, that are not attempting to sync the DCIM directory, and they are running fine. So the problem has something to do with the "Pending" request for approval from my phone - I believe. Has anyone else had a similar problem - or had an issue with BitTorrent Sync crashing on startup and managed to reinstall - or repair - in Win7 x64, and remove the "BitTorrent Sync has crashed" popup? I have selected to "Send this dump to developers" numerous times. Selecting to "Just relaunch" or "Send this dump" loops the process and it crashes again. Very odd. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Martin