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  1. tuxpoldo: Would you mind testing the functionality of syncing a mounted NAS share with your installation of btsync on Linux?? On Win7, I have synced directories using both "mapped network drives" and the actual NAS network path for well over a year, syncing TBs worth of data without issue with btsync. However, IMHO, Win7 is too unreliable and occasionally needs a reboot. I really want to migrate to a Debian box dedicated to running btsync that uses my NAS as the sync media. Martin
  2. Osiris: Have you managed to successfully add your mounted directory as a btsync-gui "folder"? I've been able to add local directories without issue, but when adding a mounted directory named in etc/fstab mapped to a NAS network share, I get the same permissions error - even after chmod 777 the directory. The path is fine, as I have rw access to files in the mounted NAS directory, but btsync-gui still displays the permission error. Martin
  3. I've managed to mkdir /home/martin/testbtsync and then add that "folder" in btsync and then successfully sync that directory on the local Debian box to a Windows box without issues. Edits on both machines appear on the other nearly instantly. The problem is when I attempt to add a directory created on the NAS, even though I have that directory permanently mounted via /etc/fstab ( /media/testmbsync ) and issued chmod 777 -R /media/testmbsync I still get the error "BitTorrent Sync Don't have permissions to write to the selected folder." So at this point I know it is not a BitTorrent
  4. Greetings Forum: At first, thank you to all working on btsync Linux projects and forum posts. I am migrating from a Win environment (dedicated only to running btsync) to the most recent version of Debian. As a new Debian user I have benefited and learned greatly from the very accurate and detailed posts from tuxpoldo, etc. in this forum - excellent work - thank you for sharing your knowledge. After installation of btsync-gui, I 'Open BitTorrent Sync...' from the applet on the desktop, click "Add", choose my directory, enter the secret, and continue to receive the following error: BitTorren
  5. Greetings Forum Members: I have been using BitTorrent Sync for well over a year now. I have a dedicated Win 7 x64 laptop running v1.4.75. Various other clients sync various directories (Terabytes worth) regularly without issue. Recently, I upgraded to v1.4.72 on the laptop - and everything was fine. I have been using BitTorrent Sync on my rooted KitKat Note 3 - to give me full r/w access to the SD card - to sync a few directories containing mostly txt files I edit regularly.,. . My trouble started when I upgraded my android version of BitTorrent Sync to v1.4.38.0 and attempted to sync m