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  1. Thanks for your reply, I installed btsync-gui as suggested and that's fixed the problem, however other than the btsync icon on my panel (which is now working fine) I have 2 menu entries BitTorrent Sync & BitTorrent Sync Web UI and neither of them work when I select BitTorrent Sync nothing happens and if I select BitTorrent Sync Web UI I'm prompted for a password, to my knowledge I have never password protected btsync Any help would be much appreciated Graeme
  2. Hi Guys I'm running Peppermint 5 (Ubuntu derivitive) on 2 PC's and 1 laptop all of them have BTSync installed, last night i received an update and it's broke BTSync on each computer, the icon is still there on the panel but it has an exclamation mark in the centre indication an error. when i right click on the icon "Open Web UI" is greyed out and at the top it says "Connection Error 400" This happened to each PC immediately after the update If I try to restart it from the terminal I'm told it's running but it's not Here's a copy of the terminal output graeme@Linux1 ~ $ btsync sta