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  1. OK! Thanks! It works! I connected my iPhone with my Raspberry from a Different network! I will also enable DHT now... Thank you so much!!
  2. I read that DHT is not Encrypted. Is that correct? (I have the tracker and relay options enabled...) I also set some External IP Addresses for my Home Computers and Apple Devices....
  3. Ahh... I found out those settings you are talking about!! What should I do to find hosts over the Internet? Should I set Predefined Hosts? What if (for example) my iPhone's IP Changes?
  4. I use the Web Interface. I have set to use the UPnP Port mapping on port 5555, if that is what you mean... The Web Interface doesn't have any options about Peer Discovery though...
  5. Hello everyone, I recently discovered Bittorrent Sync and I want to use it to Sync Large files between many Machines I have. However, I have set up my Raspberry to run Bittorrent Sync, I have port-forwarded all the necessary ports on the Router, and I have added exceptions on IPTables to allow connections on the Ports of Bittorrent Sync. My problem is that if I try to sync files between my Laptop and my Raspberry when they are on Different Networks, the two devices don't find each other. I also tried having a one-time key but that didn't work as well. Could someone help me out here? Thanks in advance!