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  1. It is a pity. I understand when you install the system name is taken, it is still impossible to set a non-system. Some users have the same version 1.4.83 and in doing so they have access to change the device name. How can this be?
  2. how to change the name of the device? In NAS4FREE version it impossible. Readonly preference. Windows client preference
  3. The most paradoxical that all previously worked within 3 months correctly on computers. What happened mystery. The last thing I did - updated to version 1.1.82
  4. The country does not provide for daylight saving time, while the second provides. Maybe that's the problem? UTC4 and UTC 2 = difference 2 hours? in real 1 hour(summer time)
  5. You have guided me to the thought that perhaps the problem is that the problematic computer is daylight savings time, and the rest do not. Thanks, will test ...
  6. Yes, all computers are synchronized with the server the one with which the problem is in a different time zone, if that's important. p.s. I reiterate earlier problems were not
  7. Everything worked fine, but at some point on one of the machines(WindowsXP) was Sync stopped: device time difference more than 600 seconds Time synchronization with a web enabled. The problem does not go away.What can be done to solve it?Thank you. 1.1.82