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  1. If you are using linux and btsync-server on central location - you can setup this configuration easily.
  2. We have 1.2 now, but no proxy support in it
  3. Hi, I have a strange problem with connections to multiply btsync daemons with each other. Is there are limits on connections btsync-btsync? I have this infrastructure (pc1,pc2,server - ubuntu) [PC1 btsync instance/user1(folder1)+btsync instance/user2(folder2)] <-> [Router (port forwarding)] <-> [sERVER btsync(folder1+folder2)] All works fine. SERVER status show connection with all two PC1 daemons. And when I start two daemons on PC2 (in same local network with SERVER) [PC1] <-> [Router (port forwarding)] <-> [sERVER] <-> [PC2 btsync instance/user1(folder1)+btsync instance/user2(folder2)] the SERVER status show, that it connected to PC1,PC2(folder1) and to PC2(folder2). Why the connection PC1/user2(folder2)<->SERVER(folder2) is stalling and resumes only after stop PC2 daemons?
  4. I have same problem (ubuntu/btsync<->ubuntu/btsync) and I can understand why it happens and how to temporary fix it. –ítsync don't want to sync files with too old modification times. As I understand, it is nearely or greater then 5-6 months. This helps for me (to update file/dir modification times)