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  1. *thinking out loud hypothetical situation* If you were connecting to a sync that relied on manual IP relays and you tried to sync on Android/iOS (and you were on an IP that was whitelisted) would it work? Or do the mobile apps exclusively use DHT and UPNP?
  2. To make this a whole lot easier just use this: I tested it out with a IP block I own and it seemed to work fine. Just put (for instance) and it will spit out a list of all the IPs. Copy that and either use a script that will add the ports to the end or enter them by hand and then just paste that list to all your VMs. I'm in a similar boat to you (as far as your goal to have a custom tracker/relay), but at the moment this seems like the best way to go about it. For the time being it might actually be more secure this way be
  3. I would even suggest just going with FreeNAS on a USB stick and then loading up BTSync (freebsd version) on the ZFS pool you make, it's what I use personally and it runs fine (as long as you run it from the pool (ei /mnt/yourzfspool/).
  4. Has anyone run BTSync in a colo setup? Meaning that everything is on 1gb or higher among maybe 4-7 servers (or more)? Just want to know what kind of performance people have seen. Thanks