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  1. I can also try the experimental builds on OSX and Linux(x64).
  2. Not really. If a r/w node deletes files and if this changes is synced to other nodes, deleted files are moved to /backup/folder/.sync/Archive folder. By default they will stay there for 30 days, so you can recover what you need. There is also an advanced setting "sync_trash_ttl" that lets you control this duration, if you set it to 0 those files won't be deleted from Archive folder. I have that setting set to 0 on all my devices, unless I need the disk space all of deleted/changed files stay in the Archive folder. When I need more space I just go in there and delete the files that I'm sure
  3. Sorry, I have been writing the other post for a while, didn't see your reply. That's a good point, I'm not worried about CPU/Memory consumption though. I keep my (virtual) sdcard folder and camera folder synced to my Mac. I wanted to add a cloud node (Backupsy) in case something happens and I wanted it to be encrypted for obvious reasons. Do you think my problem is caused by a bug in BTSync or the app dying/getting killed because of heavy processing? Also do you have any suggestions on how I can achieve what I want to achieve without using encrypted keys on the device (without copying
  4. I think no one has any idea what's happening here Anyways, I did some more testing, it doesn't crash when I use regular r/w keys but it crashes all the time when I use r/w keys generated as encrypted. After it crashes the service restarts in the background then crashes again, then again, until the OS says that's enough.
  5. I didn't notice this problem until today so it might have been introduced with the latest version, or even the OS update. I don't keep BTSync running most of the time so I don't know when it started. I had two backup folders setup, one of them was sdcard root folder and the other one was Camera folder. I wanted to add an encrypted node for these folders. I generated an new key to use with the root folder. I removed the root folder that was setup as a backup folder, added it again with the new r/w key. Then I noticed that it crashes. I checked the logcat, found the lines below but nothing el
  6. Thanks GreatMarko, but I meant the old Transfers tab. Random result from Google Images Search: http://techreport.com/r.x/2013q1/bittorrent-sync.jpg
  7. I used to be able to see the files that are being transferred at the moment, however I can't seem to find it on 1.4. Is it missing in this version or is it just me?
  8. It is a limitation of the operating system. On iOS 7, applications can run at most 3 minutes (was 10 on iOS 6) after they are sent to background without requiring some special permissions. As you have already noticed, if an app is using location in the background it can run indefinitely, I work for Rove so I know it from experience. It's the same for the apps that plays sound and that have VoIP capabilities, like Skype. There is also background fetch feature that can restart the apps in the background from time to time, however the timing is not consistent and the duration is still limited,