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  1. My version is 1.1.82. Yes, I'm taking into consideration the distinction between megabits and megabytes. My connection is a 100 megaBIT connection. I'm currently only getting around 10 megaBIT down. I actually meant WAN. The machine that I'm syncing from is in the UK, and I'm in the USA. When I use an application like Bitkinex that allows me to use 50 concurrent connections, I can get every bit of 100 mb/s, so I know my connection is capable of it. For some reason Btsync is just refusing to do it...
  2. I'm hoping someone has some idea on this... I'm not getting any response from support...
  3. I'm trying to sync a handful of folders from a linux machine over my WAN connection to my Windows machine here on my network. I have a 1Gbps up connection from Linux and a 100Mbps connection down from my Windows machine. I'm using the read-only key on the Windows machine, so the connection should be one-way. The issue is that the fastest speed I'm seeing is about 1.5 MB/s. My average speed is about 700kbps. I'm not sure why I can't get any speeds faster than this. I'm seeing messages like this in the debug log files: [2013-10-24 12:42:12] Torrent test.mkv status:137 error:<NULL> meta:1 conns:1 io:18 Is there a way to force more conns? One connection just doesn't seem like it will ever saturate my connection. Any ideas of other things that can cause slow speed? I don't see the cloud icon by my connection, I only see the arrows, which should mean it is a direct connection.