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  1. High prio? But its like 6 months later and still nothing?
  2. Ability to run btsync.exe on windows like it does on linux, so we can run it as a windows service without any gui. This would definitly make it better product!
  3. Hmm thats to bad, i will try one of the workarounds, but as far as i know services are not supposed to create any windows anymore since vista. "Important Services cannot directly interact with a user as of Windows Vista. Therefore, the techniques mentioned in the section titled Using an Interactive Service should not be used in new code." I wonder if the "Interactive Services Detection" kicks in on windows 7 if i run it as one of the workarounds. Gonna test now. Thanks for the answer, i will also add it to the wish list. I wonder if it might be included in the Enterprise Sync version? Or whatever that would be.
  4. Hi i'm new to btsync, and trying to set it up as a service on windows. Is this officially supported yet? I've came across some posts with workarounds and that its on the high priority list of the development team, most of the posts date back to april/may. Does anyone know what the current status of this is? Is this implemented yet? Is it going to be? Any test version that supports it? Different download for a CLI exe? - renini