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  1. It happens in particular when I try to sync \DCIM\Camera folder on external sdcard. Sony Xperia SP, CM11, SDCard permissions fixed.
  2. Same issue. Got it after adding file to sync folder on PC Win 7 x64. Sync v.2.0.93 PC and v. on Android 4.4. UPD: My folder was "1.4". I've deleted it and then created new one - it appeared with crown icon instead of "1.4". Now it synced ok.
  3. Hi! Last version available on site - 1.4.75 Last version installed on my desktop - 1.4.72 Checking update on desktop shows says "Client version is up to date".
  4. Hello. One of two folders can't finish syncing no matter what time both devices are online (Win7 and Android 4.1). Is there a solution? Or maybe there're log files I can send to developers?