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  1. +1 I have similar issue, any suggestion is also welcome. (side note: this would help if the source code would be open, at least we could see how ignore is implemented)
  2. I think any exclusion should be only in .SyncIgnore file, btsync should not have any built-in exclusion. The main reason can be seen on this message thread ... some people want to exclude .git, and other don't. For me, it is ok to sync the .git , especially in "read-only" mode .. as a backup. I would not try to really "sync" .git on 2 machines and using git on the 2 differents machines at the same time ... I already had trouble with btsync with 3 peers A,B,C. But I agree that by default, the .git, .svn, and so on .. should be in .SyncIgnore file by default. Then it is up to the user to "un-ignore" them. Now right now, I would LOVE to know how to ignore any ".git" from any sub folders as user "sts" asked. I hope we don't have to put a .SyncIgnore in the parent of all the .git folder. So if any one can explain how to achieve that, I would really really appreciate. Something that work on first sync import, but also if I add a new .git later.
  3. I am wondering, how do you exclude/ignore all ".git" folders in any of the subfolders? I have trouble with this functionality, I tried many time, and this works when btsync first index the folder (initial import), but ... if I add a new .git folder at some point, it will not ignore it. Any idea if this is a known issue, or if I am not using .SyncIgnore correctly In my case, let's say I want to ignore all "foobar" folders, I tried with the following .SyncIgnore content foobar *foobar* */foobar*/* *\foobar*\* Any help is welcome