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  1. @Helen thank you very much, I will look deeper into it and maybe eventually contact support!
  2. Does nobody have an idea how to tune the settings or to speed up things? Or am I really the only person that struggles with a 50 gig sync?!
  3. I have two NAS and a dedicated Server, each running an instance. Both NAS have a address, the server has a fixed IP. The initial upload of roughly 50 GB from the NAS to the server took a while, but was still okay. I attached the second NAS and wanted to download a read only instance to that device, but the process (although downloading from the server should be fast) takes ages (300.000 files to go, roughly one file per minute - don't do the math ...). I wondered, whether I could tune the process somehow, so that the initial amount of files would be downloaded faster. Both NAS seem to be resource-wise at the edge: when I start Sync on either of those, the CPU rushes up to 90 % and the memory also seems to be at 80 % and up all the time. I always thought that Resilio Sync is clever enough to not grab too much resources, so that the Web GUI keeps responding and that it tries to allocate least resources while it is downloading at the highest available speed. I know that NAS devices are not performance monsters, but this still seems to much resource utilization in my eyes. Unfortunately I do not know, how to analyze the behaviour of the instances, whether they run into some problem, which should be fixed. I even do not know whether it is helpful to restart the instances now and then in order to have a little boost in download speed. What irritates me from time to time (this is rather off-topic, but I though I mention it) is, that I have to enter the default download location from time to time ... which could mean, that the instance is too slow to read its configuration files properly maybe? I would be very glad to know, how I could analyze the two instances, do some health checks and to tweak them, so that they do not have a problem with, say, 500k files / 100 GB. Any idea is welcome!
  4. DSM 6.2, Resilio 2.4.x - upgraded to 2.5.x now.
  5. It also worked for me after an upgrade ... although I have to admit that there might have been a "parallel side effect": I started a sync job with 50 GB - and my two NAS seem to have performance problems indexing and managing 50k of files ... that makes the Web UI not responding etc. I think there is nothing I could do about the performance. I started the sync job with a little portion and am now adding gig by gig ... does not make it any faster in the end, but at least worked for the first gigs.
  6. Since my upgrade to Synology DSM 6.2 Resilio Sync behaves weirdly on my NAS. The GUI refuses to load and the instance is not displayed as available. Are there known incompatibilities? Any ways to fix this?
  7. Hi, it would be awesome, if I could have either a tree structure for shared folders or tags on them. At the moment they are displayed lexicographically, but I would, for example, like to have the option to group folders, that I share with other persons, folders, that contain application setups, folders, that are topic-driven, folders, that are hardware-related etc. Just my two cents. Cheers, Vince
  8. A portable version would be awesome. *bump*
  9. Hi, I am running Sync on a NAS and on a Linux server. I would like to use a valid SSL certificate on both instances. Both systems have automated certificate renewal facilities, but of course they do not know anything about my running Sync instances and the certificate is owned by root in a different folder. First I thought, it might be a good idea to change certificate rights and to point sync.conf to the certificate - but this would yield a security issue. The next idea is to make a copy of the certificate into the folder, where the sync executable resides and to change the ownership. This can be done with a daily cron job. I presume that there is no option to get hold of the "original" certificate without having a security issue and that there is no clever built-in Let's Encrypt functionality in Sync? Any other suggestions?
  10. yes, I do see the same "incompatibility warning" prior to the DSM update ... well, I will trust you and will install the update and manually install Bittorrent Sync afterwards ...
  11. Sorry for some kind of cross posting: I do not dare to update my DSMs to 6.0.1-7393 as it says that Bittorrent Sync would no longer work (without giving any specific reason). Do I have to interpret this thread that BTSync is compatible after all? I kept updating my BTSync installations and hoped for some sign of compatibility, but did not get any. If you say that it is safe to do the DSM upgrade and then to manually install the most recent version, I would do so.
  12. I also have the problem that I cannot upgrade my DSMs to 6.0.1-7393 - has the reason for the incompatibility meanwhile been found?
  13. Hi, when turning on Selective Sync, all *new* files will be synced selectively. I would like to turn all already downloaded files into selectively syncable files. Deleting the files would result in the deletion on all other devices - undesirable side effect. Currently I think that disconnecting the folder, deleting the files and reconnecting the folder with enabled Selective Sync would be the only option. Any ideas on possible solutions? Cheers Vince
  14. Dang ... that's sad ... so I will need another tool that duplicates the data ... thouht I could somehow circumvent this ... thank you for your answer though!
  15. Hi, I have a computer and several attached devices and local network shares. I would like to sync one source to several local resources. I did not dare to try it out, but is it possible to get the links from another sync instance and to specify a different destination folder for each duplication? Cheers Vince
  16. I prefer to install btsync on my Linux server from a repository, but the yeasoft repository does not offer 2.3 yet - any idea when it will be available?
  17. I would love to ignore it - but since the "already added error" appeared my server stopped syncing. Is there any chance to get btsync working again under Linux?
  18. XML was just an example - a bad one maybe. If I could choose I would like some config file with simple "parameter = value" lines and some kind of grouping.
  19. Okay, the original statement was maybe misleadingly formulated. I meant popular productive server software like databases, web servers, bind, postfix, dovecot - basically software a typical server is running and that is provided by any Linux system out of the box. This means, that I am not talking about JavaScript libraries like Node.js, which might use JSON of course. Thank you for giving me the chance to clarify this.
  20. no, the home directory is there and all folders are true folders.
  21. Hi, I guess I have been misunderstood again. I started from scratch, ie I removed all btsync related files, made all directories accessible for the user, started the service as user and got the error message. The only way I could get the service running was running it as root, stopping it, chowning everything to the user and restarting it with user privileges. I fully understand what I am doing - otherwise I would have been stuck with "btsync can't be run with user privileges" - the fact that the intermediate step with root works simply tells me that there is really some issue with permissions. Please provide the link to "the initial posting" - I will verify the permissions again. Thank you very much in advance! Cheers Vince
  22. Hi, don't misunderstand me: I am not blaming you for anything - you did and are doing an awesome job! The point is: if you don't question the existing flaws, you will not improve anything. Therefore - from my personal experience - arguing like "it's JSON" is distracting. Let's end this discussion here ... one fine day the developers will realize that a JSON file is not the way to configure a server software. Cheers Vince
  23. I just wanted to share my thoughts about the config file format. JSON is standardized, yes, so is XML. It's as lengthy as XML, allows comments as XML, is human-readable like XML. It is not validatable, has qotes, equal signs, curly and square brackets, commas, semicolons - a definte drawback. Besides all that: I don't know a single server software, which would use JSON as config file format. All this being said, it seems very reasonable to overthink the idea of configuring btsync with a JSON-comment-mix-file. Just my two thoughts ...
  24. Hi, when I start btsync as user by specifying the UID of 'user', the service will not start and sync.log says Error while adding folder /home/user/sync/share1: Can't open the destination folder.The .btsync folder exists, the sync/share1 folder exists, they are all accessible by user. When I start the daemon manually as root, it works. When I stop the daemon, chown the files to user and restart the service, it works. What am I missing here that the service will not initially start with user privileges? Cheers Vince
  25. Okay, my bad ... but might I add that this is at best a really weird config file format? Why not use some validating XML? That would save a lot of irritation ... I know, this applies to linux daemon users mainly, but still ... Thank you very much for the help though! Cheers Vince